Saturday, August 25, 2012

Splash of Red

Splash of Red has become one of 'the' summer events in Vernon. It's a fundraiser for Caetani House and celebrates the Italian family alfresco supper tradition.

(Some of these photos are mine, some are friend Kristin's.)

Guests were greeted with flutes of prosecco and appies, served by lovely volunteers.

and the appie plates quickly emptied as guests viewed the works of art to be
auctioned off while meeting, greeting and schmoozing.

We were serenaded by lively and nostalgic Italian melodies.

Christine Pilgrim found a variety of ways to measure and price prize tickets -
she fondled a remarkable number of bodies all in the name of charity!

The evening was perfect - thunderclouds that threatened in late afternoon cleared away
to leave a sparkling evening. The tables were set and the atmosphere was remarkable.

Artist Christine Kashuba is a moving force in the valley's art scene.
I bought one of her pieces in the auction.

Workmates and friends Kristin Froneman (entertainment editor) and Katherine Mortimer (lifestyles editor).
Kristin was hard at work with a camera much of the evening while
Katherine's infectious laughter was heard ringing through the air all night long.

Barb and John Waite were our across-the-table partners. John taught art at one
of the Vernon high schools for many, many years; a former student of his
had a work entered in the auction.

General overview of the party.

"May I pour you another?" "Why, thank you!"

Melina Moore and Judy Rose wowed the crowd with their musical tours de force.

It was the first time at Splash for Phyllis, a friend of Barb and John's.
View down our table toward the microphone area.

A little break before dessert and the auction, time for a 'comfort stop' and socializing.

Gail Short in lovely polka dots. Gail taught a watercolour class I took last fall,
and I bought her piece in the auction.
Doug Alcock (in straw hat) submitted a glass and metal sculpture piece that fetched $3,000.

Evening, and the auction began.

Bidding was intense on some pieces, a bit slower on others but always entertaining.

Victor Noakes is an excellent auctioneer. He had the audience captivated,
worked the sale well and was a true asset to the event. This particular
piece up on the block was  created by John's former student.

John and Bryan watching the sale.

It was a lot of fun!

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