Saturday, March 10, 2012

Almost Spring

There was a slow, steady rain falling early this morning while I drove in to work. Frost is rising out of the soil in the bottom lands of the valley and the scent of spring is in the air.

The rain, while welcome (instead of snow, in case you had to ask), meant that cloud cover hid the aurora borealis triggered by the recent solar storm bombarding Earth. After 30 years in the Peace Country, seems strange to make a special note of the northern lights. Not so common down here in the Southern Interior, though.

Another true sign of spring is The Brier.

Bless you, TSN, for live stream broadcasts on-line. How else would one surreptitiously watch the games whilst at work?

Unfortunately, local curler Jim Cotter, a.k.a. Team BC, didn't make it into today's finals. 

Bryan's got my bike tuned up, his tuned up, summer routes planned and is ready to go.


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