Thursday, February 16, 2012

Medieval Madness

On the last night of Vernon Winter Carnival, Bryan and I attended the Archduchy of Connaught's Medieval Madness Feast at the Anglican church hall.

What a great time!

There were real honest-to-goodness knights with armour and weapons to defend our honour:

There were songs and serving wenches, a harp player and horn players (one was my former violin teacher!):

The Bloody Baron of the North was our Master of Ceremonies and major-domo of mayhem. He provoked the blue table into calling our table bad names including strumpets (had to explain what that was to the two younger ladies at our table) which required our Knight, Mizak Perado, to defend our honor:


The King and Queen were so-so regal - His Majesty's order was for the guests to speak in appallingly bad fake British accents, which he excelled at:

The costumes were great, the food was grand, the company splendid. Best birthday ever to day. We are SO attending next year and I'm definitely sewing period-appropriate costumes for both of us (they have a Vestiarium Guild!)

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