Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brrrr, or Why We Left the North Country

This doesn't look too bad for a January forecast ..... except that it's actually Vernon temperatures. It was -19C plus windchill in Falkland this morning. The point I'm trying to make it that it is FALKLAND ..... there isn't supposed to be ugly, nasty, cold weather in Falkland. That's why we moved here.

Of course, this is what we left:

 Look carefully at two points in this screen capture: The red Alert and the "Feels like:"

This is exactly why we left the north country.

Of course, Bryan is up there right now. Pity him.

All the prairies provinces are under attack from an arctic cold front that's dropped in for its annual visit.

These are the conditions in which my brothers, dad and assorted family/friends are feeding cattle:

Other assorted family and friends are enjoying the lovely weather in the middle of Alberta:

In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find spot in Canada that isn't feeling kinda ucky (the 0C in the middle of BC is actually for Vancouver - and the 0C in northern Quebec and Labrador ... well really, you want to be there?

Shoulda moved to Mexico.

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  1. It's currently -24 here with a predicted low of -35. Brr, indeed!