Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hearing God Laugh

 There's a saying: If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.

The week beginning Dec 11 had an agenda that I was apparently unaware off. My plans including hanging out with Bryan and our friends Brian and Cheryl, two curling games, the Holiday Train and perhaps some baking.

The evening of Dec 10 threw those plans right out the window with a hearty HA! At a company Christmas party bowling event - during which there was not nearly as much drinking as circumstances might indicate - I mis-stepped whilst delivering a ball, fell awkwardly and severely strained my right knee. At the time it seemed a minor incident. At around 2 am I knew I was in trouble and the next morning (the Goldsmiths will vouch for me) the left knee was approximately twice the size as the right one. Pain? Oh yeah. Nimble dexterity? Zip. Nada. Zero.

Didn't curl Tuesday night. Did on Thursday, but delivering rocks with a 'stick' (if you don't know curling, I'll forgo the explanation other than to say one doesn't knee down into the hack to throw the rock). We lost, but it wasn't all my fault!

I haven't had a serious injury like this for a long time - I'm thinking when the cow beat me up during calving season about 13 years ago. The one that first came to mind, though, was a year or so before that. 

I had been doing chores, heading back to the house from the chicken coop with a  bucket filled with eggs. It was late spring; the yard was rutted from driving the tractor through soft spring mud and not yet disced level. I mis-stepped and tried to correct the fall, and in doing so wrenched my left foot either side of the instep, then fell heavily. The bucket was tossed up as I went down, and as I lay stunned on the ground, eggs rained down all around me but none hit me. 

I knew I was in trouble, but also knew I had a few minutes to get to the house (or try to) before the pain really kicked in. Made it, grabbed the phone and called Bryan (he wasn't worried, said what could he do? and I'd be fine), hobbled to the couch and passed out.

When I regained consciousness (in the immortal words of Sgt. Renfrew, CBC fans) the left foot was quite ugly. It was a few weeks before I was walking properly, and to this day if I do a lot of walking, the foot is achy on both sides.

Wednesday we did go to Salmon Arm to watch the CP Holiday Train roll into town. Not as long a train as last year but fun nonetheless. A bit cold, and so with Bryan's arthritic back and my damaged knee, we were quite the gimpy couple heading back to the truck.

Upon our arrival home that night, what did appear? No, not Santa, but there was a delivery. Socket had four brand new little puppies in the kennel with her!

She was a bit nervous about allowing us near her little treasures, but we scooped them and her out of there to quickly switch out the soiled bedding and put in clean. Three girls and one boy (Bryan's initial assessment was all girls but a few days later Becca finally was allowed to check them out more thoroughly).  They've already doubled in size but their eyes won't be open for another few days.

Saturday was Bear Day at the office. The paper has a seasonal promotional that involves people buying $300+ from participating retailers, qualifying them for one of 50 limited edition Gund bears. I don't know how many years the promo has been going on but there are diehards out there - they start lining up at the door around midnight to get Bear #1 or whatever. There is also a draw from the 50 qualifiers for $500 cash.

As the rest of the community is getting totally wound-up for the Big Day, the office is winding down, our work for the seasonal madness now mostly done. Even the Boxing Day promos are already out.

I have no baking done. I have gifts purchased, even wrapped. Cards got mailed last week - something good came out of being laid up with a bum leg! And I'm totally fine with the state of things.

Merry Christmas to everyone. 

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  1. Wishing you and yours the best for the holidays and coming year. Hope your knee is better soon.