Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Lights

We're putting up the outside Christmas lights.

One of the advantages of getting older is that sometimes, just sometimes, you do get a little smarter.

Like putting up the lights when there isn't any snow on the ground yet, it's daylight and not freakin' -30C.
I 'rescued' a whole big banana box of old-school outdoor lights from the transfer station last year (it's not called a 'dump' anymore because one's garbage is hauled to some other place). And there was also another banana box filled with fresh new replacement bulbs.
Anyway, I had visions of summertime parties with lights strung overhead like you see in pictures of places like Italy or when you go to East Side Mario's for supper.

Turns out they're darned good Christmas lights, too. Once the places where the mice ate through the plastic sheathing are fixed.

They came that way. We do not have mice. We have moles destroying the northeast corner of the yard but no mice.

The lights look just like this one:

but in an assortment of colours. The violet ones are my favs.

Bryan and I strung then through the fir trees on the fire department's lot right beside ours, best viewed through the large window beside our dining table. We'll do a 'test view' tonight but have resolved that they will not be regularly lit up until December.

And now, I sit here writing while the man fixes the small LED trees we've had for years which were mauled by the at-the-time very small Jack Russell puppies. Once the repairs have been done, installation of Christmas Lights - Part 2 will commence.

Wow. This is something like when I accidently got a college term paper done way before deadline. It felt so good I wondered why I'd never done it before. Of course, I didn't let it become a habit.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Trying to Fit Everything In

I seem to have overbooked my off time this month. A fall watercolour class I started in September has overlapped a busy curling season that kicked off last week. A wee quilt is taking longer than it should because it keeps getting preempted by studying for an exam I'm writing in early December.

Forget housework - I'm lucky to get my laundry caught up! And thankfully my husband arrived home from the north country, down (he says) for the winter, because otherwise I don't think I'd be eating proper suppers (nor have nice lunches of leftovers).

There is just so much I want to do in my life, it sometimes just all jumbles up on top of each other. Eventually things settle out, as will happen the first week of December.

Learning to paint watercolours has been on my 'life list' for a long, long time. I have just two more classes this month and then the fall session is finished.

I'm finding it works well with other activities, in fact benefits from other activities. When I'm studying or quilting, there is a saturation point when I have to set aside pencil or needle and do something else. Painting has become that something else.

And when I've got to a point in the painting where I need to step away before I do something I'll regret, I go back to reading or quilting. That goes fine and then I find my mind wandering back to the painting, either having thought of a solution to the problem or confident that the underwash is dry enough to proceed with the next piece.

All in all, a perfect scenerio for a multi-tasker.

Curling is finally underway and we're 3-0 so far. Going to be a busy season because our small league is  short one team. Lots of weeks in our schedule when we play both Tuesday and Thursday.

Not complaining, just noting that it's a good thing I've been going to the gym in the mornings. Otherwise I'd be hurting too much to move just now!

All I have left on Declan's quilt (yes, he arrived 2 weeks ago today) are two sides of the inside border. Then a quick trip through the washing machine to remove the marking chalk and bloodstains. (I'm sorry. I tend to leave little blood spots on the back of the quilt where my guide finger is perpetually poked.)

I'll finish the quilt today, get it washed with some other compatible items, and get back to studying while they swoosh in the water.

The studying? I'm writing a university entrance exam on Dec. 3. Yes, I know, and at my age, too.

December 4 will be a quiet little meltdown day.

Maybe I'll do some painting.