Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It´s a beautiful autumn day, a perfect Thanksgiving Day. And I´m in a country that doesn´t even celebrate the occasion!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to everyone in Canada from Germany. Tomorrow while you are enjoying turkey and pumpkin pie, I will be winging my way across the Atlantic back to BC and believe it or not, directly back to work Tuesday morning.

At least I´ll be back working with a familiar kezb0ard! Have I told zou about how frustrating it is to have a kezbboard in a different languarge# Half the kezs arenät where thez should be ... especiallz the letter Y. YYYYYYYY and the apostrophe kez #######

At least one can be consoled by the absolutely perfect chocolate and kuchen. (I think I´ve gained 20 lbs -sshhhhhh!)

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