Saturday, October 22, 2011

Airport Role Call

As I was sitting in Tegel's departure lounge on a Monday two weeks ago, upon learning of the flight delay I began fretting about connecting flights.

I don't mind flying. If I could afford the cushy seats up front instead of the cozy conditions of economy, I'd mind it even less. 

What does cause me moments of high anxiety is making the connecting flight with a very small piece of time in which to navigate an unfamiliar airport and more than likely another security scan (I just came off a flight for which I was security scanned, traversed a sterile concourse with no contact with the real world ... am I really a security risk? I mean, other than a towering rage should I miss my next flight) when that flight is the middle in a series of connecting flights.

My heart plummets to my shoes when I enter a concourse, look at the flight board to find my next gate and read the word: GATE CLOSED.

My Sudoku puzzles weren't easing my anxiety at that moment so I started thinking about Frankfurt International and wondering if I'd have to sprint through unfamiliar territory, and it got me to thinking about other airports I've sprinted through. Although not a globe-trotter by any stretch of the imagination, I was surprised at the tally.

Edmonton, Internation and Municipal (where the north fence running parallel to Kingsway is bent from the tails of the planes pushing against it trying to get enough runway for take-off ... or so the story goes)
Grande Prairie
Peace River
Fort St. John
Toronto: pre- & post-Pearson
Montreal: pre-P.E. Trudeau
San Francisco - and if I never go there again it will be too soon
San Diego
Los Angeles : Terminal 2 & Tom Bradley Int'l
Houston: Geo. Bush Intercontinental, just two months after 9-11 & full of military type guys bristling with automatic weaponry, very unsettling
Chicago O'Hare - at that time the busiest airport in the world

                  - grouped together because although I passed through these ports not once did my feet touch the soil of those countries (or city in the case of Munich). Kind of bizarre when you think of being to a country without actually being to the country, if you know what I mean.

Palmerston North
New Plymouth
Berlin - Tegel, which will cease to exist very soon after which travel will be via Schoenefeld

Glancing at today's blog roll to the right, I see the Yarn Harlot is in (or just travelled through) Chicago.

May the Force be with you.

PS My brother pointed out I missed Kelowna and Kamloops. The two closest airports and most current 'home bases.' Figures.

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