Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clippings in Envelopes

A newspaper clipping landed on my desk this morning. One of our clients annotated it with changes he wants made to it for the next issue.

I had a flashback moment. My paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother were both great ones for tucking newspaper clippings into their letters. Grandma especially would sometimes have the envelop bulging with all sorts of interesting or informative excerpts. A few were mystery clippings - not quite sure why they were there, what the intended message was.

My favorite - and I have no idea if it still lurks in my boxes of Stuff To Be Dealt With Someday - was included in a letter from her shortly after our son was born. 

 The title of the article was "Father looks for second job" and was about a young couple down in the Smoky Mountains or Appalachian country of the US, both 18 or 19 years old. She had given birth to twins, and 11 months later delivered of triplets. I found it quite amusing although I'm still not sure why she sent it. Perhaps just for the amusement. Maybe to discourage me from complaint about the soreness following a difficult delivery of my first-born. Who knows.

I sometimes get newspaper clippings from friends when I get snail mail. Not much of either lately, though, so much of my correspondence taking place on-line.

An attachment isn't quite the same.

I miss newspaper clippings stuffed into letters.

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