Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Splash of Red

Nothing says 'summer' like an alfresco supper on a warm night, especially a supper featuring Italian food, endless wine, music, fabulous art and over 100 convivial diners.

Bryan and I attended the Caetani Cultural Centre fund raiser A Splash of Red. Yes, the old biker got his culture on! It was a semi-formal event with attendees strongly suggested to wear the colours red, white and black.

Tables were set out on the Caetani House grounds. Little bit of a slope which tired one's back and buttocks as the evening progressed, but that made for an excuse to get up and mingle.

There was a live auction of several donated pieces of art. I had my eye on a fabulous painting of irises, but the auction itself was somewhat slow, the time late and I had to be at work the following day. Perhaps another day, another painting....

We sat with Christine and Keith Kashuba. Christine is one of the artists who donated a piece to the sale, a lovely photo of the mosaic tile floor in the Vatican, shown below (although not a lovely as in real life - the colours are much more vivid):

Co-worker Katherine Mortimer (aka Lifestyles editor) was also in attendance. (She's in the middle of the photo, both across and by depth, with sunglasses atop her head.) We agreed next morning that it was a wonderful event, that we hope (with a few improvements) that they hold the event again next year.

And now Bryan and I are inspired to try our own alfresco supper - something a little classier than bratwurst cooked over the firepit!

PS Christine has other shows and works available. See some of her works at

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