Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bin Doin' Stuff

Wow! What happened to the last four weeks?!

I bin gardenin': squishing aphids (lupins particularly hard hit this year),

murmuring encouraging words to the roses, (although the next photo is painted daisies, not roses - I do know the difference)

picking strawberries, weeding,

picking strawberries, mowing,

picking strawberries, pruning

and picking strawberries. These are not strawberries,

nor are these,

or these.

I'm quite done with strawberries, thank you. You can see, however, how nicely the garden is coming along.

Took a photo of one of the baby fir trees a week or so ago. Look at the new growth on that sucker! Fat and fluffy.

I bin motorcyclin': to work, to hither and yon with Bryan on the weekends, through torrential rain/wind/hail lightly seasoned with lightning, to the vintage bike show at O'Keefe Ranch.

I bin quiltin'.

I bin readin': too long a list to remember at the moment.

I bin cookin' rhubarb: or did, in simply everything it seemed while in season, but now it's time to let the plant rest.

I bin hostess with the mostest: NOT in a lounge! We've had company and enjoyed it. Company presently fills my house - biker boys arrived Tuesday, former Northern neighbours pulled their 5th wheel in yesterday, the yard is full of kids, bicycles and motorcyles. Some of the old New Fish Creek gang is expected to arrive tonight for a visit 'round the firepit.*More company is anticipated next weekend, and the one following. It is summer in the Okanagan after all.

I bin workin': summer skeleton crew makes for 'interesting' days but it's working just fine (fingers and toes crossed, which makes it difficult to type....).

• Saturday morning addendum: there were enough motorcycles in our yard last night to make the new neighbours watch with a wary eye. Yes that's us, the local hoodlums ... grey hair and all.

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