Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Relay for Life: Update

Getting closer to the weekend. Last year the Relay started at 7 pm, this year it's at 6 pm. Good thing I read the ad for the paper, eh?

Fundraising is going great thanks to some very special and generous people (you too could be in that exaulted group!!!). I have cash and cheque donations not yet included in the on-line tally, but can tell you I'm now over $500 in pledges and the team is over $1000. We're stoked.

Still time to get in on the event. Go to relaybc.ca, select Vernon, then Participant, and enter Brenda Giesbrecht. Follow the links and you'll be on my honor roll.

More info can be found at vernonmorningstar.com

How's that for a shameless plug?!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Relay for Life

OK, people. I'm going to do something I said I would never do on a blog.

No, it does not involve full frontal nudity or Jello.

I'm going to put some personal information out for all the world to see, and it's for a very good cause.

I'm taking part in this year's Relay for Life for the Canadian Cancer Society. I'm a member of Team Grandpa Winks. He was a friend/co-worker's father who died from cancer a few months before my Mom did.

The relay takes place June 4-5 from 7pm to 7am. I'm walking during the midnight to morning shift.

Please, if you are a reader, a friend or someone who's life has been touched by cancer, here's how you can help.

Go to my Relay homepage

and make a donate on-line. If the link doesn't work (and sometimes, Lord knows, it doesn't) then drop me a line via the comment box and I'll send you the details.

This is a Canadian fundraiser but donations can of course be made from anywhere in the world thanks to the wonderful, wonderful world of credit cards.

I will miss my Mom every day for the rest of my life. Supporting research into prevention and cure of cancers will maybe help you to have your Mom or other loved one in you life just a little longer.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quilting, Motorcycles and Puppies

The title about sums up the way my days have been spent lately. I supposed I could have added gardening, but as that means trenching, digging weeds out of the vegetable spot and seeded but as-yet bare soil in said garden spot, it's not exactly the stuff of photo excellence.

Work is coming along steadily on the current crib quilt. Or was while the weather was damp and cool and the husband was up north.

I always like the pattern that emerges on the back of the quilt, a ghost image of sorts.

The weather has warmed up - finally! - in recent days, and in recent days there has been a new addition to the stable:

Yes, I finally acquired a sport bike! This is a 2006 Kawasaki Z750S. Brought it home last Monday. It was scuffed a bit in places but only has 10K kms on it (that's a summer riding season for me). The advantages of sleeping with a mechanic is knowing my ride will be healthy no matter what quirks the bike comes with. He dealt with the minor neglect issues and I've been using it the rest of the week. At a rated ( but not dyno'd) 120hp, it's more than enough for me. The windy Salmon River and Yankee Flats roads will see plenty of evening rides this summer as I tune in my sport bike skills.

Things are getting a bit crowded in the stable. There are two more bikes to the right of the top picture:

plus the little DiBlasi scooter in the shed ... although some might dispute its designation as a motorcycle (it's a tiny little folding scooter). The blue Yamaha scooter in the far back of the first pic is for sale, as is my trusty Suzuki 800.

I finished the (hopefully) final draft of the latest book design project. Sat down with my publishing partner one evening in an "I'm not leaving until it's all worked out" fine-tuning session. She's going over it with the client and (finger's crossed) planning to send it to the printers next week.

The Falkland Pro Rodeo is on this weekend. I'm working this afternoon, second shift in the beer gardens (serving & snapping cans, not drinking, thank you for asking). Possibly tomorrow as well. It's a three day event but I have things to do Victoria Day Monday.

And after the gardening-quilting-riding-publishing-beer wench activities, we must not forget the best part of a full and busy life:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just Another Week in Paradise

This morning, someone in the office said, "Did you hear about the grow-op raid near Falkland the other day?"

"That isn't news," I said, "that's Tuesday."

However, it was indeed a hallmark day. When I got home Wednesday night, Bryan asked what the big RCMP raid was at a place along the highway on route to Vernon. No idea. Squad cars, unmarked SUVs, even an RCMP helicopter.

And here's what it was all about. He saw it in live-time.