Thursday, April 7, 2011

In a Dither

Hi Rosie! Nice to know you stopped by.

The spring weather can't make up its mind today: light snow this morning, sunshine during the afternoon (like I'd know, sitting in an office), rain in one valley and thin sunlight in another driving home.

Likewise I can't make up my mind: stay home, get some chores done and work on the next quilt, or head down to the pub to watch Canada vs Norway in the World Curling event (the occasional inconvenience of not having television serve at home - by choice I might add). Stoughton's secured a berth in the finals, going unbeaten through the round robin to this point.

I'd kinda like to see Ulsrud beat him tonight only because I'm so not a Stoughton fan. Sort of like politics - like the party if not the leader, or the leader but not the local candidate ... you get the picture, I hope.

It's just so hard to get past the whole pants thing with the Norwegians, though. Doncha think?

Check it out.

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