Monday, April 25, 2011

Damp Dawn Parade, Memories of Sunrise Services

I was perusing the Taranaki Daily News website this morning before work officially began. There were photos of the ANZAC Dawn Parade. In the rain.

The cenotaph in New Plymouth is only a short walk away from an apartment I had in New Plymouth a few years ago. I attended the Dawn Parade that year. Having played piano for a multitude of Remembrance Day services in Canada over the years, I found this ceremony refreshing and moving.

In the dense darkness of predawn, there was a p
reternatural quiet given the number of people gathered together. The surf pounded the nearby beach. It was moving. And chilly.

But not raining.

I remembered Easter Sunday sunrise services of years past. Those that occurred in March were particularly notable for their hypothermic potential.

Bad enough being up at dawn milking or during calving or having not gone to bed at all.

I am so not a morning person.

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