Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture Gallery: Trains, Curlers & Christmas

Hi Michelle! Miss you. And Hi Francie! Been a long time, cuz.

Welcome to the much-belated photo section of our program. I won't say 'Highlights from the Past Month' although the first of these shots are almost a month old. They have been patiently waiting in their folder for me to upload.

The middle of December saw the arrival of the CP Christmas Train to the BC Interior.

These aren't the greatest shots but in my defense (a) it was after 7pm in December, (b) at the Kamloops stop, where these were taken, had the best of the cars way the hell and gone on the bridge spanning the Thompson River, and (c) it was cold. Nevertheless, the train is a wonderful sight.

The 'stage' car with a side panel that drops down and forms a platform for the performers.

There were four old, old CP passenger cars at the end of the train to accommodate (I suppose) the crew and performers. The snowflakes were on the railing at the very end.

And now to the highlight of the month for me - the Swiss Chalet Grand Slam National. Yes, people, The Boys were in town!

These are dedicated to you, Prue, for whom curling is a foreign game. This is what I do in the winter, albeit in a much smaller venue and without TV cameras.

In orange: Kevin Martin with Mark Kennedy and John Morris.

The next five photos were taken by co-worker friend Cory Bialecki.

Mark Kennedy and Ben Hebert sweeping Johnny Mo's rock.

Kevin Koe putting some muscle into it.

Beautiful shot of Glenn Howard's delivery. But I don't get the Howard team's white belts ... eew.

Good overview of the sheets in Westbild.

I think this is Jeff Stoughton's team from Manitoba.

Niklas Edin (R) from Sweden. Really enjoyed his games.

Mike McEwan (L) and Glenn Howard. McEwan is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Edin laying a trouncing on Stoughton.

The very next day we were in Revelstoke for a pre-Christmas day at mom's. Watched one of the semi-finals on TV there.

Grandma and Hannah. It was love at first sight, despite what the photo might say (Hannah was trying to get into Grandma's drink).

Garry with his new Christmas shirt - sure it looks like a golf shirt but trust me on this one.

Auntie trying to get a picture of not one but two constantly moving objects.

And what better way to end a busy, busy week but with a relaxed breakfast at home featuring blueberry pancakes.

The snow this week has been intense - over a metre in 24-48 hours in the Columbias, Kootenays and high country. Was up to Sovereign Lake last Sunday and conditions were fabulous, even though I'm a poor XC skier. Gonna give it a pass this weekend though - need to get some chores done around the house.

We're through the holiday hangover at work I think, but tomorrow is going to bring a whole new set of challenges. Our new publisher has settled in and is flexing his managerial muscle. Change is in the wind and it's going to leave a few bruises. I find headphones and good tunes a fine strategy to adopt in times like these!

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