Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Calling All Puzzlers

OK, peeps. It's time to pull in the reserves. The Annual Mall Arkey Christmas Contest has me stumped and I refuse to ask him for the answers without a few more of these equations solved.

Friend Liz from work is as obsessive-compulsive about these things as I am and was able to contribute a few solutions, but I need help.


26= L of the A would be 'Letters of the Alphabet'

I've put an asterisk beside the ones Liz and I have answers to and will put those at the bottom of the post, but see what you can do with them as they were published in the Salmon Arm 'Lakeshore News'.

a) 52 = WK on a P*
b) 2 = HA and 1OA for W
c) 16 = R in a CE
d) 3 = K of OA*
e) 144 = G*
f) 20,000 = LU the S*
g) 30 = SL in SZ
h) 3 = YB a ME
i) 19 = A of M in BC
j) 11 = P on ML (CF)*
k) 9 = SCJ in C*
l) 66 = ADL of AC
m) 57 = CPR for a SL
n) 10 = N of R on an AT
o) 200 = D for PG
p) 121 = S to WC
q) 64 = S on a CB*
r) 43, 560 = SF in an A*
s) 5 = N of WO
t) 2005 = Y of SAC*
u) 105 = M of CS
v) 1063 = H of ET*
w) 2 = ABPSSLCPO on a SSB*
x) 12 = BMS
y)24 = CG*

So, we've solved about half of them. If you have suggestions or solutions, bring 'em on. No fabulous prizes, just glory and honor. And for those who just can't help themselves, here are the ones we solved.

a) 52 = white keys on a piano
d) 3 = kings of Orient are
e) 144 = gross
f) 20,000 = leagues under the sea
j) 11 = points on Maple Leaf (Canadian flag)
k) 9 = Supreme Court Justices in Canada
q) 64 = squares on a chess board
r) 43,560 = square feet in an acre (thanks to Bob Hill at Olds College, I've known that for 32 years)
t) 2005 = year of Salmon Arm's centennial
v) 1063 = height of Eiffel Tower (don't know how or why but I knew that, too)
w) 2 = (sing it with me) all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun
y) 24 = carat gold

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