Saturday, December 11, 2010

Puppies, Pre-Christmas and Press

Umm, girls?

Life got kicked up a notch around our house with the arrival of two new family members last week.

Socket and Hannah are sisters, four month old Jack Russell terriers. We picked them up last Sunday after the hockey game (Vernon Vipers defeated Surrey in double overtime) and they’ve been Bryan’s full time winter project.

Girls ..... girls.... could we have a second for a photo, please?


"Who? Me? Hi, mom!" Hannah

Finally. A quiet moment. Socket in back, Hannah in front.

House training is coming along well, I’m happy to report. There are still accidents (and every rug in the main body of the house has been rolled up and stored in hopes of an accident-free future) but the girls are smart and learning fast.

Slippers, however, have become an endangered species.

The sewing projects are almost complete – two to go. Parcels were shipped north, one to go northeast. Hopefully I’ll have time to get some baking done before the days slip away.

The calendar is looking full, though.

Tuesday: curling

Wednesday: CP Christmas Train in Kamloops in the evening (and perhaps a quick spell of hookey from work to take in a draw at The National at Westbild Centre)

Friday: 8:30pm draw to watch Kevin Martin and the boys in action at The National (I feel a swoon coming on)

Saturday: Giesbrecht ‘Christmas’ in Revelstoke

Tuesday: curling

Thursday: head east to Alberta for the weekend.

This year’s theme for our staff Christmas greeting is Christmases Past, with everyone bringing their baby pictures for mug shots, ideally photos with Santa. Considering my abject terror of the jolly old man, there are none of those in my childhood photo albums. However, I did find a suitable photo of moi on a disk kindly provided by brother Todd.

Go ahead, say "Ahh."

This was a year or two later, doing what I used to do a lot of.

And for my Kiwi friends, if you ever wondered what I meant when I said I was a flat-lander, this should give you a clue. Dad, Uncle Ian and hired men combining in the fall, probably around 1959.

It’s been interesting watching people pour over each others’ childhood photos, listening to stories told and laughter ringing through the office even more than usual (despite the deadline pressures and company ‘politics’, it’s often a very happy place to work). This project has brought an extra element to the mix – people who seldom gather together (no reason not to, just no common ground) giggle together at the dated fashions, furnishings, hair-do’s and eyewear.

And while the newspaper is on my mind, I’ll share some recent photos of the press. I had the camera in my purse (bringing in puppy photos) and thought to take these. The press had a new line installed this summer. The guys are doing test runs and Wayne (the plate guru) is double-checking registration marks to ensure colour flats are working.

Wayne and Paul checking test runs.

The four-colour ink process setup.

Always checking, always checking.

Making sure the folder is working correctly.

Wayne's set up, the master control room where the press plates are created.


Puppy mayhem ensues. I think it's time we went for a walk, cold wind notwithstanding. Bryan's gone to town so it's just us girls.

We’re having fun. Hope you are too!

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