Monday, November 15, 2010

Movies Seen Recently

We own a television, a small 27" LCD one not much bigger than the screen on some of our computers at work. We watch DVDs and listen to graphic audio books with it.

We do not have television service.

We aren't Luddites. We just don't see the point in spending a lot of money on satellite or cable service when there aren't many programs that interest us. I'd like to watch sports more often, but quite frankly I need to be doing sports more often than watching.

My husband and I love movies, though. As the days creep ever closer to winter solstice, it's time to clean out the Whirly Pop and stock up on Orville Redenbacher popcorn.

A few weeks ago we saw an absolutely great movie - RED (Retired - Extremely Dangerous).

Of course it's got all the fav actors in it: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Brian Cox, Helen Mirren. But any movie with John Malkovich is worth the money, and he's still stellar in this one! There's a cameo appearance by Ernest Borgnine that's pretty sweet, too.

Second favorite show these past few months was Salt, with Angelina Jolie.

You know what was really neat about this one? Other than the great action sequences and a plot that kept me guess right to the end. There was no gratuitous violence or profanity. Strong language, yes, but not a never ending stream of F-bombs and gore. Just a good show.

Winter is the time to rent movies, but we were both under the weather last week and a movie or two was just what the doctor ordered Thursday afternoon (Remembrance Day, aka stay home and try to get healthy day). I picked up two. The first one was Pirate Radio.

The story was ho-hum. The music quite fine. BUT... as with John Malkovich, anything with Bill Nighy is a must-see. The rental was worth it if only for the dance scenes with Nighy. Thinking upon them still makes me smile if not laugh right out loud.

Then we watched my second pick: Surveillance.

This is a truly twisted show. The odd, edgy feeling I had at the beginning, that "what's wrong here?" feeling played out in a totally unexpected way. A good show, just not one I'd choose just before going to bed, if you know what I mean.

Bryan was still in movie-mode on Sunday. I was deep into a good book so didn't really follow his picks. I think the first one was Jonas Hex, a sorta-western based on a DC comic story.

He also brought home Harry Brown, primarily because he's a Michael Caine fan.

On a different night, in a different mood, I might have enjoyed this one. As it was, I watched a little bit of it but drifted back to my book. There was a lot of graphic violence; the story was well done according to Bryan and the ending satisfactory. I don't think I'll rent it again just to watch what I missed, though.

Well, though I'm no Siskel or Ebert, I still have an opinion about the shows I watch, and for the most part, these were worth the time and admission.

I highly, highly recommend RED for a great evening's entertainment.

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