Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here and There - and Apologies for the Absence!

The soundtrack in our house today is definitely an atonal symphony – sneezes, hacking coughs and nose blowing. I reluctantly confess that I’m the author of my husband’s distress, having brought home the virus from work. In my defense, I’ve been battling the bug for a week now while he’s just succumbed to it. Still, we’re not in any fit state to entertain company.

It is, of course, Remembrance Day and so the office is closed. Thank goodness, because this chest cold aside, I needed a ‘down’ day. Any variance from a regular five-day work week creates headaches in the newspaper production world. Peoples’ resilience is already being worn down by the latest cold virus (‘going viral’ has a literal meaning in my world). I was draggin’ butt when I got home last night. But was there time for rest? There was not. It was curling night, and not just any curling night but the inaugural game of the season.

Our little rink was slow on the start this year due to mechanical problems with the cooling system compressor. Not to worry, the ice is in and we’re learning its quirks. It was a brutal introduction to the season, though. All four teams (we have two sheets of ice, hence four teams per night) were shorthanded, meaning the leads and seconds/thirds (whichever player was there) had to shoot three rocks each end. Believe me when I say there’s a significant difference shooting 24 rocks instead of 16 in a games, especially after a summer hiatus. And it’s harder on the sweeping detail as well. Add a set of congested lungs to the picture and you can well imagine the shape I was in by 9 pm.

Could have been worse. One of the women on the other sheet slipped and fell hard right at the beginning of the game, breaking her wrist. Now that’s harsh. Her husband came down to the rink and took her in to Vernon Jubilee Hospital. No doubt details of her condition will be in next week’s community gossip sheet newsletter.

There’s no excuse for not writing the past several weeks. I’ve been busy but not overly so, distracted but not more than usual. Bryan got home the third weekend of October and we’ve just been coasting along – over to see his mother in Revelstoke one weekend, out on a Sunday drive to Merritt another. Attended the Farmer’s Market in Vernon today – the bi-weekly market is always a great event but the added Christmas bazaar made it prudent to attend early.

No problem there. Bryan was up and around at 4:30am. I was in the guest room, my nightly abode these past few days in an attempt not to disturb him with my frequent coughing fits through this cold. He was wide awake anyway, from his own coughing and the beginnings of a sore throat.

When I’m awake in the middle of the night or far too early, I make a pot of herbal tea, find a book, curl up in a chair under a quilt and read until I fall asleep, drink all the tea or it’s time to go to work.

Not Bryan. Wrapped up in his fuzzy teddy bear housecoat and slippers, he began rummaging in the fridge for soup makings and had a pot of chicken stock simmering on the back of the stove when I emerged at 7am.

Pictures are of ramblings and things seen the past few weeks.

Looking east down Kamloops Lake, just before Savona. There's a golf course in the foreground (Tiburon?) - you'll note the rough is a bit savage.

"This is my sign," quoth the Raven (with apologies to E. A. Poe). He was quite a mouthy beggar, but of course that's redundant - it's a raven.

The Thompson Plateau is a popular location for movies. These are props from some past production, located at the entrance to a property between Savona and Cache Creek. These particular buildings, although they look full size in this perspective, are actually 1/4 scale.

These buildings, across the driveway and further along, are full scale. The property owners are in some distance further.

Just north of Cache Creek, towards Hat Creek Ranch, the eye-catching gateway to a cemetery on the First Nations reserve.

Stopping above Ashcroft to take photos, came across this boot. Every ditch and byway that I stopped along had a boot or shoe stranded in it. What is it with single orphaned footwear? Don't you think you'd notice if you had lost some footwear on the roadside in the middle of nowhere?

Looking northwest across the valley, Ashcroft out of view in the top left hand corner.

First sight of the Highland Valley Copper tailings pond, looking south-ish.

Tailings pond dam on the north end.

First glimpse of the Highland Valley Copper open pit mine, one of the largest in the world.

Now, below, unrelated photos. The first is a quick take at another amazing sunlit view of the Enderby Cliffs. Hard to get good shots - the light changes so quickly and I'm usually in the middle of highway traffic made up of people all anxious to get home.

And now to Lorenzo's Cafe and The Contenders concert.

Lorenzo aka Lorne, and his Halloween get-up as one of Andy Warhol's 'Angels'.

Lorenzo's bar in what was the old Ashton Creek schoolhouse.

Valdi and Gary Fjellgaar. What an amazing couple of men! and in honor of Halloween, Valdi in his guise as an Odd Ball (there's a number 5 painted on his bald pate).

Good shot of the show pit and gallery. Note the bowling pins for railing supports and bowling balls for finials. The floor is all made of bowling alley laminate hardwood. And there's a bowling lane out back for intermission entertainment - you have to clean and reset your own pins!

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