Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smoke in the Valley, Bikers in the Garage: Version2010

Here it is, the first weekend of August and once again the valley is thick with smoke. This time it's blowing in from the west, from fires near Lillooet, Barnhartvale and Barriere. A solid week of daytime temperatures in the high 30s and zero rainfall has made the fire situation keen.

And once again, the first weekend of August found our house full of riders, the garage full of motorcycles and the fridge full of beer. Not a bad situation, really.

Bryan, Gerald and John rolled in Friday afternoon after several days over at the coast. They had planned to go to Vancouver Is. but situations change and they found themselves taking in the local colour on Bowen Island. Not my first choice, nor theirs (I'm not really sure why they even went there) but they were pleasantly surprised and talking of return visits in the future.

I came home from work on Friday absolutely wiped. I was in the office at 6:30am, trying to get out from under the work on my desk: not only the real estate supplement but my Winfield weekly were due Friday because of the Monday holiday.The entire week was one big race to the finish line.

I wasn't sure when or even if the guys were coming to Falkland (they could very well have headed up the interior from Lillooet) so hadn't made any plans for supper.

Turns out they weren't all that hungry, what with the heat and a late lunch. Bryan made appies and then watermelon. That made for the nutritional needs of the night. Sheesh. What a hostess I am. In fact, not only did I not cook, I made a significant dent in a bottle of Rise wine all by myself.

Gerald savouring watermelon, dripping on the gravel!

John loves our 125 scooter and grabs a ride every chance he gets. This time it was down to the PetroCan station for heaven knows what snack food abomination. He lives on the stuff.

Got the foot out for the corner, a little steeper than you might think from this angle, and deep in round rock gravel, akin to skiing on marbles.

John, kicking back.

Gerald, pondering pecans.

The two guys left for the north country this morning following breakfast, thinking to get to Hinton, perhaps even Edson for the night.

John is very proud of his new Screamin' Eagle Harley. It certainly has all the bells and whistle - I mean ALL. And a far cry from his 20 year old HD.

Gerald is still riding his Victory with the sweet Arlen Ness design touches. We've ridden thousands of km's alongside him on this bike.

And they're off for home.

At which point Bryan and I did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day! I don't know about him, but I had nothing left to give once the laundry was hung on the clothesline. I've been reading and snoozing and grazing all day. Tomorrow we have some tentative plans but today was strictly a recharge-the-batteries day.

I did take half an hour after work Friday to cruise the Value Village thrift store. Never know what will turn up. Found a few good books and then came upon a nice find - a set of good white high thread count king size sheets and a new double size duvet cover, for $7 each. The duvet cover is for one of the guest beds, the sheets for our bed - or for summer shirts. I love cotton shirts. And one of the books I scored was David Coffins book on shirt construction from Interweave Press - a $30 almost new book for $2. Can't beat that.

My sewing gene is starting to twitch again.

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