Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All's Well

Just a quick note to say I've not dropped off the face of the earth. Rather, I've been snorkling through the piles of paper at work and at home. Reg's book is in the final stages.... if he'd stop adding photos, that is! With July 1st falling on a Thursday, that created a minor crisis with our work flow at the paper. And we've had a steady stream of company coming through the house... greatly welcomed and appreciated, but leaving little-to-no time for the blog .... or letters ... or any on-line communication. I have a whole raft of photos in my droplet box, waiting to be uploaded. Road trip stories to share. Ancedotes from recent days to laugh over with you. Gardening agonies to relate per the Great Hollyhock Purging Fire of 2010. As Brody Goodswimmer told us, "Annihilate with Authority!" Wine helps, too. Heck, wine helps always.

Patience, people, and all will be revealed.

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