Friday, June 18, 2010

Off to Oregon

Just a wee note to update current events.

The book is in the client's hands for final review. My partner has found lots of little tweaks (those are to be expected) so all in all, the project is in good shape.

Bryan informs me we are going to be on the road at 6am tomorrow. Those of you who know him know this isn't necessarily an exaggeration. I'm thinking, however that the 'rest' part of 'rest and relaxation' as it pertains to a vacation week is going to be missing.

I'll have my camera so look for new pics sometime after the 27th.

Oh, and Brian and Cheryl will be here for the July 1st weekend. There'll be loads to tell y'all!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bubbles, Blooms, Book & Barn

The title about sums up my absence lo these many weeks. And for the few who do read, my profound apologies. In my defense, I've logged over 80 hours of computer time since 7am last Saturday, so you can perhaps understand my reluctance to spend an hour or so here.

Miss Abby and her entourage were here on the Victoria Day Weekend (third weekend in May for the non-Canucks). The weather wasn't stellar but bellyaching about it never seems to do any good. We were just happy to have the house full of family for a few days.

It was Krista's birthday on Saturday, so she and Marlon stole away for the evening to a great little hotel on Kal Lake while Abby was left to the tender mercies of Auntie Becky, Grandpa and Grandma. Considering she wouldn't go within 5m of Grandpa for the first few days, that left the ladies holding the bag as it were.

It wasn't until Sunday that the sun actually came out and warmed things up. Never mind, Abby is a true Giesbrecht. "Outside, outside...." was a frequent request. It was a brisk 7C when the bubble session was underway.

GG (great grandmother) Giesbrecht and Uncle James came over from Revelstoke on Saturday, James out from Regina/Calgary for a few days. We had a wonderful time!

So did the birthday girl!

Bryan, Abby, Marlon, James, Mom G. Notice the nicely manicured space behind them? Bryan's been mowing half the neighbourhood this season, wacking weeds without mercy. The house to the left of James is the local RCMP officer's place; Michelle and Trevor to their east. Both pay in generous sized bottles of big reds for services rendered. Take that, Canada Revenue.

The highlight of every morning was feeding Bob. As a result, we've now moved Bob to a 4 litre container - I think he doubled in size. Krista informs us that all fish are now called Bob.

It has been raining incessantly for weeks now, and the countryside is green like you usually never see it this time of year. The ranchers down around Merritt and Douglas Lake must be happy-dancing. It's meant far less watering for us, of course, but also a marked number of mosquitoes. Never mind, we bathe in DEET and play in the plants. Things are coming along, don't you think? There are photos early on in this journal of what these areas looked like two years ago, and there is an improvement if I do say so myself.

Last weekend was the big push for the latest book I'm laying out for a client. The pressure is on because Bryan and I are taking off on the 19th for a week's ride in the Pacific Northwest, Val was late getting the manuscript revision to me, and the client (who will be 90 on 26 June) was recently diagnose with bone cancer. Let me also add to the mix the 250+ photos I've already worked on and placed in the text.

Val sent me an email yesterday with the changes she wants me to make based on a preliminary pdf I gave her Friday. That gust of wind you felt whistle past your ear was my sigh.
It's an absolutely stunning day out there this morning, as was yesterday. We didn't go riding because Bryan just returned late Friday from a jaunt out to Calgary. Maybe today. That being said, it will be another late night tonight pluggin' away at the layout.
Because Mom was glued to her computer and because it was too cold and wet to ride (the next photo, in my defense, was taken on Thursday before Book Day Saturday), Bryan and Rebecca built The Barn - or as Becca calls it, Da Shed. Whatever.
Leveling and constructing the base took an entire day. The crew was mildly astonished at the grade of the site. I wasn't.

Day 2 saw the walls and most of the roof in place. By then the weather had completely gone to shit, waves of rain passing through the valley all day. Could have been worse. It was snowing over in Calgary.

Went up on Michelle's yard to take an all-encompassing shot of the project. We'll skirt the base with lattice so that it stays dry under there, and already have hops planted in back of the shed to grow on it. Not up the sides, just around the bottom. Mowing will keep it contained. I hope. I have 'hops' experience and am a bit nervous.

Mike Dandenault would be so proud of Becca. He was the journeyman painter that both the kids worked with as teenage summer students, and he taught them well. She put down three coats - primer and two finishing coats, including traction 'sprinkles' in the finishing coat. Everything was cut in nice and neatly. She could earn a living doing it if she wanted.

By the way, she's weeding and picking strawberries on an asparagus/turf/strawberry farm near Armstrong for the summer. Can you say Tight Bum?

The Crew, proud of their job and rightly so. And one last self-indulgence if you will allow me:
The Supervisor.

Hope you have a fabulous week. Mine will be.....interesting.