Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Greetings

To all the mothers in my life, and in yours, a very Happy Mother's Day.

The boy called me this morning. That's always a good way to start the day.

Abby, 17 months

The girl is presently visiting friends in Kamloops, but as she's her all summer, there have been more 'mothering' moments than in recent years.

Thanks for the good wishes on a recovery from my cold. It was an irritating, sniffling thing, not the full-blown misery that many friends and co-workers have been suffering from.

Bryan's home, for a few weeks or a few months... not sure. Went for a riding to Kelowna yesterday, attended a release party at House of Rose featuring their new Riesling and a hot Cabernet called Hot Flash. Bought one of each and a summer white as well. I do like their little place.

Brian and Cheryl were unfortunately unable to come out for the weekend. Plans are in the works for July 1st. Gerald and John are making riding plans with Bryan. There's a McKinnon Guys fishing trip out on the Queen Charlottes (now officially Haida Gwaii) in early August. We're off to Oregon for a week in late June. The summer calendar is rapidly filling up... book your weekend now!

This morning started out so promising - clear brilliant sky if somewhat cool (frost on the car). The clouds are starting to roll in, though, and I'm not keen on dodging raindrops for a second day.

I'm looking out the window at the lovely green growth, the drifts of white saskatoon flowers and purple lilacs.... thinking of the nasty spring blizzard that hit the prairies a few days ago. Youngest brother wrote and mentioned that things were somewhat miserable, what with newborn calves nestled in the mud under snowdrifts, that sort of thing. The sort of thing that reminds me why we don't have cattle anymore. That and this whole 'semi-retirement' thing my husband has going on.

Found some very good renters for our place up north. We're hoping they'll like it so much they'll buy it! One can always hope. Meanwhile, it's in good hands.

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