Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, the Leap Forward Edition

Welcome to daylight savings time... yeah, right. At what point exactly will the clocks of North America (except Saskatchewan, the BC Peace region and the BC Kootenay region) be permanently set one hour ahead of the time Sir Sanford Fleming decreed? Utter twaddle in my opinion: 8 months of weird time, 4 months of regular time.

It's been a busy time here at world weirdness headquarters. We've been out and about almost every night the past week. Curling on both Tuesday and Thursday evenings, end of our regular season. Water board meeting Tuesday night and fire department meeting Wednesday night for Bryan. A lovely date on Wednesday night for me with a boob-squishing (or as Grandma June would'a said: "squorshing") machine a.k.a. a mammogram in Vernon. And a REAL date on Friday night, to the movies to watch the new 'Alice in Wonderland' with Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter (three of my fav actors).

Saturday was a day to get back to the outdoor work that keeps me sane the rest of the week. After some brief snow flurries earlier this week, nature decided to try another attempt at spring. It was still to cold for me to go biking with Bryan (10C isn't my ideal of balmy) but perfect for gardening (!!!).

A quick trip to Meier's Building Salvage yard yielded 8 dozen red bricks. As the nice tall man with the white handle-bar mustache slowed drawled, "You jist bought yoself a truckload o' work, ma'am."

Yes indeed.

The "truck-load o' work" was for the vegetable garden. I replaced (or am replacing because.... wait for it .... I was a few bricks short of a load....yes. I need another three dozen bricks to complete the job.

Pathway work in progress, and....

...pathway work done to date, with new compost added, last year's trash removed and the beds looking spiffy. Also found some fenceposts for the tomato support stringers I want to use this year, enough as well for corn. Bryan wants to grow Peaches & Cream corn, so I advised him to use support lines due to the strong winds that periodically whip through our valley. They wreaked havoc with last summer's sunflowers and hollyhocks. I'll plant some Italian runner beans with the corn, like I used to do up north.

You can't have garden work without a fire, or at least not in our yard in the spring and fall. There's always something to burn, like the ongoing clean up of Kelly's corner, and it's a place to warm up as well when the clouds roll in.

Bryan became the self-appointed Guardian of the Fire. Later on, when I finished the brick work, the lawn chairs came out. Stumps were set up for sidetables (don't want the beer tipping over onto the ground) and we added some of the fir he bucked and split this winter. Had us a nice toasty fire to finish the afternoon with.

More spring yard pictures, including the heather which made it through this mild weather in much better condition than the previous year, also due in part to me heavily mulching the poor wee things.

It's blooming like crazy right now, but I've still kept the main body of the plant buried in shavings until it gets properly warm.

For the cocky gardeners in the crowd, tell me if you can identify the spring growth in these pictures.

No cheating, now.

Check your answers. If you said bleeding heart, hollyhock, bearded iris and delphinium in that order, you're a winner. I won't deduct points if you only wrote 'iris' for the third one.

This is the promise of the summer to come:

Seedling trays taking in the sun in the livingroom.

I don't know if this works on your computer, but if you hold the shift key down and double-click on the image, it should open up as a full screen view. That's what you'll need to do so see the little sprouts in the photo, but I assure you they are there.


Spring notwithstanding, I have a week of curling frenzy coming up. Falkland playdowns begin tomorrow night (not Tuesday as scheduled, but I don't know why just yet), continuing on Thursday and perhaps Friday depending on how we do. But that's a moot point for me because I already committed to play in the Salmon Arm mixed spiel the 19th to 21st. Talk about ending the season in style with five, maybe six days of play.

If you are Canadian, this song has been playing in your head for the past several days. And how can it not? It's great! A great remix of a great song, with an amazing ensemble of singers. Check it out.

And to wrap up on a 'few bricks short of a load' note:

Meaner than a sack full of rattlesnakes.

Busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

Slicker than deer guts on a skinning knife.

Shaking like a little dog pooping peach pits.

Well, cut of my legs and call me Shorty!

Feel free to use any and all whenever appropriate.

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