Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grass Widow Thoughts

Brenda (lead) and Gary "Fearless Leader" Ritchie (skip) opening night of the mixed spiel.

Curling has come to a conclusion for the season. Final event was the Salmon Arm Mixed Bonspiel last weekend and it was a lot of fun. However, Gary, for something that was going to be just a lot of fun, there were an awful lot of stop watches and intense calls.

No matter. Gary patched together an ad hoc team and the plan was to lose the first game so we'd be in the B event.


After a few throws to get the weight down (my first rock was 'Falkland weight' - a rock through the house that on my home ice would have barely made the hog line) I played a pretty good game. We all did. We won. And then it was work.

Six games and Sunday afternoon later, we finished second in the C event, winning four games, losing two. All in all, a good excuse for beer, some laughs and good exercise.

The Crew on Friday night after our first game. Bryan (cheerleader), Brenda (lead), Lori (third), Gary (skip/slave driver) and Larry(second). Photo taken by Phyllis/Flip/PK/She-of-many-names and head cheerleader.

Bonus feature: after our third game Saturday, we watched some of the television coverage of the Crashed Ice finals in Quebec City on the club room TV's. If you've never seen this great sport (we voted that the IOC pull Ice Dancing and replace it with this), go to the following site (copy and paste):

Tuesday night after work, I commenced AquaFit classes - 45 minutes of intense workout twice a week. I'm very glad I set into that right after curling all winter, because I don't think I would have returned to the second class. I was exhausted. Pictures and my mirror to the contrary, I'm in better shape than I'd hoped.

Of course, shopping for a swimsuit was a humbling experience. My old suit was less than suitable (sorry). I found one at Zellers that (a) covers what needs to be covered, (b) keeps in what needs to be contained (lots of jumping around involved, you can imagine the potential faux pas) and (c) didn't cost a ridiculous amount of money. I don't know a living woman, no matter her weight, size or age, who isn't intimidated by swimsuit shopping. For someone like me who doesn't have good body self-image to begin with, it's terrifying (and ironic considering said purchase is need in pursuit of activity to improve the body shape and ultimately improve the low self-esteem quotient).

So, still tired from curling all weekend plus two night of intense aquatic aerobics plus more brick work on Wednesday (I'm no longer a few bricks short a load - I have spare bricks now!) didn't leave me much reserve to deal with the latest upheaval at work.

Once again there has been a major overhaul in our work process, part of an bigger longterm change. My work assignments have been changed, my work location changed (the sixth of both in less than two years) but my reduced hours haven't been reinstated nor has there been any change in pay. My net take-home is less now than when I started. Isn't that counter-productive? I fail to see the incentive for putting out (you should pardon the inference), so I'm afraid I was a bit long in the lip when I got home that night.

Bryan, bless his heart, looked at my distraught visage and suggested a trip down to the pub to watch the Women's World Curling match of Canada against Scotland. That and a few whiskeys got me through the evening.

Friday was marginally better. Bryan, still worried about my mental state, took me out for lunch. Next week will be interesting as the whole process shakes down.

Bryan got the service truck loaded, the trailer hitched up (bringing home the Triumph and the farm bike) and made an early start for the north country this morning. I haven't heard from him yet, but he should have arrived a few hours ago. He has a few business errands to attend to, will be able to spend Easter weekend with Marlon, Krista and Abby; then come back via Airdrie to collect irrigation drip line from the farm and a squeeze in a visit with David.

All in all, a busy schedule.

I'm always restless the first day he leaves, prefer it if it's a workday rather than an at-home day. I needed some busy work and it was provided in a mid-morning phone call from my mother-in-law.

Mom Giesbrecht wants to plant shade perennials in her back yard this spring, so I made a run to Vernon for astilbe, bleeding heart and hosta rootstock. Came home and potted them up - they should have some good growth by next weekend. Also repotted some houseplants and the sweet pea seedlings I started by mistake. Mulched the baby fir trees in the back yard and did some clean up in the front yard.

Kelly next door phoned this evening. She wants help with her yard - she's not a gardener, our Kelly - and through family connections, landed us some primo compost at a fantastic price. We have an early morning date with a front-end loader tomorrow.

And then before you know it, it will be Monday and I'll have adjusted again to being a grass widow.

Life's just an endless list of shits and giggles, ain't it.

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