Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Ramblings and a Few Olympics

Just a few thoughts about the Olympics, because I'm quite weary of the continuous media bombardment about all things Vanoc and O.

The men's hockey game against Slovakia last night was ho-hum until the last five or so minutes and then!!! Oh my. Bryan and I were at the Falkland Pub watching on the TV by the bar. I thought Sylvia was going to go into cardiac arrest. She was already highly agitated when we walked in because our girl Cheryl had screwed up her last rock, losing the game but still ending up with silver - not bad for their first time in international competition and against a reigning medalist.

The women's hockey team trounced the US but good. Wished I'd seen the game.

Of course, today's it's Kevin Martin up for his gold medal game, and seeing as it's a heavily overcast and raining day, sitting in the pub watching curling will be no hardship.

Then there's the Canada-US gold medal game on Sunday. And then the 2010 games will be over.

Canada's done well, both in competition and as hosts. Notice, anyone, the bulk of Canada's medal haul has been by women?

On non-things-O observations made recently, there's a tremendous storm that's walloped the Maritimes and New England states. I read yesterday that over one million people were without power. (Olympic sneaky thought: if people were critical of snow conditions at the sliding venues, what would they have said had it been in a location hit by this storm?!).

The scale of the storm brought a memory of a movie I watched with mom many years ago - perhaps you remember it as well? "Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?" with Doris Day and Patrick O'Neal, I think from the late 1960s, based on a true story about the 1965 storm that hit the same area in the same way, and resulted in a baby boom nine months later.

Also in yesterday's new, a chunk of ice half the size of PEI broke off the Antarctic shelf, heading for Australia. Wasn't there another such piece of ice not very many months ago? Those who believe in the theory of global warming (and I'm not showing my hand on that one) take this as further evidence supporting their position.

This morning as I purused the news on-line, I saw the tragic news of an 8.8 magnitude earthquake that's hit Chile, the epicentre south of Santiago.

There are always minor shakers occuring around the world - friends and family in New Zealand and Japan can attest to that - but the magnitude of these recent ones makes me think that perhaps we're wasting our time worrying about global warming. The earth is busily tearing itself apart at the seams, and all the carbon-credit bullshit in the world isn't going to affect that one iota.

I have enough on my plate within a 100km radius to keep me amply distracted or otherwise mentally occupied, global catastrophes notwithstanding. (Another 'notwithstanding' clause? Sorry! Canadian in-joke. The weavers will laugh.)

The newly implemented server system at work ruffled more than a few feathers, especially Monday morning when everyone booted up their computers to find nothing the same. In a business such as ours where deadlines are an ever-present sword hanging over our heads, fumbling through an unfamiliar file system makes for serious angst.

This is the fourth new system/protocol for me in just under two years (indoctrination as a newby, then changes in my work assignments), so my tolerance for change is very high. Those who've been around for awhile longer, and especially those who don't do change well, were totally exhausted by the end of the day.

Add to that the virus that's been making the rounds of the building, dropping people like flies, and you have an unhappy, baggy-eyed crowd. Gradually, though, I saw glimmers of hope as some people realized the potential good in the change, including an opportunity to seriously purge files that everyone had been afraid to touch.

I snuck a peak at the Yarn Harlot's blog Friday afternoon and she wrote a comment that pinned the situation neatly: "Is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel, or the light of an on-coming train?"

Speaking of other blogs, have any of you stumbled across a truly bizarre one called Nic Cage as Everyone? It's both weirdly fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

So, I was at the local Tim Horton's Thursday afternoon for my After-'B'-Section-Plateroom-Deadline break and needed to use the women's restroom. Much as I like Timmy's (although not as much as Starbucks - my heart will always belong to you) the smell in that restroom bothers me. It's not a stink, because the facility is very clean, so much as an offensive fragrance. And on Thursday I finally nailed it down - it's the same nasty room 'freshener' that my Grandma Gieck used in her bathroom, Glade or some Avon aerosol spray. It gagged me then and it gags me now.

Not all grandmother-related childhood memories are pleasant ones.

And hey, why is a food service establishment using air 'freshener' anyway, in this age of perfume-free zones? Especially a place that's essentially a bakery, filled with yummy smells.

My daughter remarked during her last visit that my purse (yeah, a purse - my kids still think that's totally hilarious) smells like grandma's (adding insult to injury re the whole purse thing). She assured me that was a good thing, because the smell was mint gum.

The Falkland Visitor Centre and Transit Station is taking a hiatus before the summer onslaught. It was lovely to have everyone here-through-to-and-fro. It was also nice to sit in complete solitude and silence Monday night.

Becca arrived Sunday, Bryan departed Tuesday, Fay arrived Thursday afternoon, Becca departed Thursday evening, Juliette arrived Saturday evening, Fay and Juliette departed Monday morning, Bryan arrived late but intact Wednesday night.

In between were lovely moments of laughter, wine, good food, intense game play, a fabulous guitar concert (Michael Friedman was in Vernon) and good conversation.

Bryan had a frustrating trip home from Phoenix, about a 5 on the Trip-From-Hell scale. Departure from Phoenix was delayed by fog in San Fransisco; once loaded at SF, they had to deplane and find another bird because of mechanical problems on the first one, which made him miss his Vancouver to Kelowna flight. Air Canada, bless their hearts (NEVER thought to hear that from anyone, eh?) high-speed shuttled my gimpy ol' man across Vancouver airport to snag the last seat on the 7:05 flight. And so he arrived only 2 hours late.

It is a funny feeling, however, watching a plane-load of people come through the arrivals gate, pick up their baggage and then leave the terminal empty while you're still waiting for someone to arrive.

I went to the AC counter. "Excuse me, was that the connector flight from SF?"

"Maybe. Why?"

"Because my husband didn't get off. What have you done with him?"

"Just a moment. Ah. He's on standby."

"And when will be land here?"

"Maybe at 7:50pm. Maybe the 10pm flight. Come back at 7pm and I'll tell you."

At least I had opportunity to watch the Canada-Russia hockey game in the airport lounge.


KEVIN WON!!!!!! Gold in men's curling!!!

Silver in women's!!!! Gold & silver in women's 2man bobsled. Bronze today in men's 4man bob. Gold in men's pursuit longdistance speed skating.

12 gold medals for Canada and still the men's hockey against USA tomorrow.


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