Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Torches and Motorcycles

Yes truly! That is one of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Torch Relay torches. And that is the famous (infamous?) PK Giesbrecht smoozing with one of the relay runners in Salmon Arm this morning as they waited for the lit torch to arrive.

Bryan and I had thought to be there but he's been suffering mightily with his ankylosing spondylitis the past two days, completely bedridden yesterday - better today after mega-drugs and a visit to the chiropractor.

Do you think she was having a good time?!

Anyway, last weekend was of course the Vancouver Motorcycle Show. Odd considering the show is actually in Abbotsford, outside the city (however, if you've been to the Lower Mainland you'll know it's sometimes hard to tell).

We attended with niece Jolene (daughter of Torch-Toucher PK above) and her partner Russ.

Yes indeed, the happy couple, although the little one is looking a bit show-weary.

It was ok as these shows go. I am of course in lust with about five new bikes now. The frontrunner in the race for my affections, the Suzuki Gladius, comes in two new paint jobs this year:

basic black, and

red with black trim. The yellow accents are reflections from the overhead lighting, although it does make one go, "Hmmm....."

Excuse me, sir. Sir! Yes you, you're on my Ducati. Please step away from the bike.

"Where are the handlebars on these things? Are there aftermarket accessories? What's the mileage on one of these babies?"

Really, some people will ride anything. And I do mean anything.

What an outrageous piece of work.

The Royal Enfields were intriguing. Bryan looked them over carefully and was sorely tempted.

In fact, he's just been hovering over my shoulder, saying "Go to their website. We should get you one of those." But honey, I really want a dual sport.....

It's a lovely sunny day here today. If my work week is to be cut back, it's nice to at least have a sunny day to enjoy. Things still aren't too rosy on the economic front, so I don't know how long the reduced hours will be in effect. At least it gives me opportunity to do chores around the house, freeing up the weekend for things like the jaunt to Pitt Meadow (not Fort Pitt as I erroneously wrote in some emails - that's in northwestern Saskatchewan, north of Lloydminster).

Bryan's feeling much better this afternoon, the combination of drugs and physical manipulation having worked their magic. That's good because he's planning to take the Moto Guzzi out to Calgary, to be shipped with a group of bikes to Phoenix. David is taking his annual group ride to the Mexican Baja; then he and Bryan are planning a ride in March.

Momma's staying home, nose to the keyboard wishing for spring.

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