Sunday, January 10, 2010

That Self-satisfied Feeling

On a computer all week at work. On a computer almost all weekend at home. What a life.

In my defense, I have Bryan's company account books now up-to-date and the GST cheque is, as they say, in the mail. Once the T4s and their evil cousins all arrive, the entire shebang will be boxed and sent up to Yvonne the Accountant, my guru on all things fiscal, to do the taxes.

Bryan and I played hooky for a few hours yesterday morning, scouting out the salvage yards in the valley. He's planning to build a motorcycle shed out back. In the process of cleaning up the sewing room, I unearthed a book on sheds that I knew full well I had stashed somewhere. After Bryan investigated the price of prebuilt and package sheds, he gave the idea of building one himself serious consideration. Now I hasten to tell you, he's a fabulous mechanic but a mediocre carpenter. Still, with the supplies we sourced yesterday and some help from the neighbourhood framer down the way, I think the DYI shed is possible.

It's very, very quiet at work. My Wednesdays have been cut for the foreseeable future. Giving that, and the fact that WestJet had a seat sale last week, I grabbed the opportunity for cheap fares to fly north for a few days with Marlon, Krista and Abby. Maybe even some of the Valleyview gang if all goes well.

The flight there and back came to $301!!! Including all taxes and fees. I know. That's about what a usual one-way fare runs. Even ol' McSkinflint Me can justify that price. I fly up Tuesday morning, arriving mid-afternoon. Fly home Sunday, leaving midafternoon and arriving here suppertime.

With my accounting done, the sewing room looking spanky and most other aspects of life under control, I'm feeling quite content. Can you hear me purring?

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