Monday, January 11, 2010

Lady in Waiting

It's the ol' 'hurry up and wait' game today. Problems arose and ensued in the classified pages department (not my department) and there's naught to do but wait..... The editorial pages from Winfield haven't arrived yet and there's naught to do but wait.... I'm a lady in waiting, as it were.

Went to Timmy's down the street a bit for a midafternoon cup of wake-me-up. It's a very Taranaki winter day out there - rain rather than snow. And a Taranaki feel to it as well, although the landscape is proportionally opposite: whereas that lovely spot of New Zealand has one mountain and a large body of water, Vernon has many mountains and a somewhat smaller body of water.

Sneaking in this quick note to pass the time. Would also like to pass on a new favorite blog - hope I've got it right without my personal bookmarks in place (I'll list it soon) called Panopticon.

One more sleep and then wingward north.

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