Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Seeing the World in a Whole New Way

Just time for a quick post. Bryan arrived home last night and we're off to Armstrong to do some shopping.

I had the strangest experience last Saturday while getting fitted for contact lenses. I use contacts only for sports, especially curling, and I'm down to my last pair. I recent got new eyeglasses and the contact lens tech at the dispensary said it was possible to get full-range lenses for me. Right now, I use toric lenses that address my astigmatism and distance vision only.

Saturday bright and early, she sits me down and I try a set of multifocal lenses. Strange - my sight is both blurry and clear at the same time, hard to describe. So she gives me another set to try and the sample card to read.

"Is the graphic on the topic 3D?" I asked.

"What? No. Why do you ask?"

"Because," I told her, "I am seeing all the print material on this card in stereoptic view."

"Are you sure?"

"Yup." I can adjust my focal length naturally to look at 3D views without using a viewfinder or stereopticon. I used to do a lot of aerial photo work, so I know whereof I speak. That's what these lenses were doing, but on regular 2D images.

There was a pause, and then "Well, perhaps we'll have to get the toric lenses again to compensate for your astigmatism."

Indeed. And I also asked her to talk to someone at the manufacturers to find out if that's ever been reported before, and I they have a clue what's going on.

My life. In living and artificial 3D.

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  1. this was so funny when i read it because we were doing stereoscopic work in our mapping class a few weeks ago.