Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Going, going.....almost gone

Have I packed yet?

Have I got my flight booking stuff all done on line?

Did I pick all the green tomatoes in the garden and put them in a cool dark place in the basement?
of course!! I'm a northerner; we specialize in green tomatoes

Did we get gifts for our friends and hosts?
yes, by the skin of our teeth

Got a working digital camera?
YES! and on sale, too; Nikon Coolpix with all sorts of tricks to it

Are we ready to go?

Still have a day at work, and I think concentration will be difficult. When the 5 o'clock whistle blows, we're off on an night drive through the mountains to Calgary. The flight to Europe isn't until Friday evening, but it's fast through the parks and construction zone (Lake Louise, still and forever) at night.

It's been so blessed hot this evening. The actual temperature isn't so high but we had severe thundershowers last night and so are at 65% humidity. The sun's just gone behind Estekwalan so things should cool off now.

My laundry is in the dryer, so we can pack tonight. Years of traveling on motorcycles with only saddles bags for gear, and Scouting with the kids, makes for tidy, compact travellers.

Adrienne, bless her heart, said she'd keep my plants from imminent death. We gardeners look out for each other!

Trevor said he'd keep a weather eye on the tomatoes and make sure the ripe ones don't come to harm. Oh sure.

I have things to do. I have pictures to post. I'm not ready at all but I'm going anyway.

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