Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pictures, Finally, and a Lesson in Fuel Economy

Learned something today that is rather valuable, but the knowledge was acquired in an inconvenient way.

One the way home after work and several necessary errand stops enroute, I was almost to the top of the 2.5km, 7% grade stretch of road past Sunvalley Speedway when the 'low fuel' buzzer sounded.

I hate that sound.

It means I've been stupid and not remembered to check the gauge before leaving town (I have a 45km commute each way).

I learned that if the road back to fuel supplies is (a) downhill for the first 6km, (b) mild grades the rest of the way, (c) you keep to the speed limit, (d) the lights are in your favor at the intersection by the horse race track and (e) traffic is also in your favor for the left turn at the fuel station, you can travel 17km after the low fuel buzzer sounds and still have (I think, based on the fuel receipt and the car's manual) 5 L of fuel in the tank. Good to know.

So, lots of photos and some updates.

My hand is almost back to normal, but the knuckle is still enlarged. A few hours after I took this photo, I had to remove the four-stone garnet and silver ring.

I wear three rings. One is for enduring love, one is for fancy and one is for mystery. The mystery ring is the sterling silver and garnet ring. It's been in my jewelry box for years. I can't remember when or how I came by it. I never thought about it much until two years ago, when it regained my fancy and I began wearing it. It reminds me of the mystery that constantly flows through my life.

OK, yard and flower pictures. For those new to this site, there was nothing in this yard a year ago. The yard was bare, only some weeds and the retaining wall. I began work on it in June 2008.

This is the front of the house, the sweetpeas, gladiola and lilies, with some baby lavender and evening-scented stocks mixed in, a few struggling ranunculus and a shy cana.

A crocosmia that FINALLY bloomed; others are threatening to.

You might remember the saga of the rock steps last summer. It's done, the rocks presently covered in fine sand that is gradually 'mortaring' in. Lavender and heathers (plants of special memory), Russian sage, rudibekia, strawberries, dragon's blood sedum, evergreen plant, thyme (edible and creeping), rabbit ears, soapwort, a rogue sunflower and first-year hollyhocks.....

Looking up the west side of the house. Hard to get pictures here because it's often in the shade. Ostrich ferns, Chinese lantern, sapphire lobelia, bleeding heart, astilbe, lily-of-the-valley, hosta, ganzhou mugwort, cedars, juniper, lilies...... and Trevor and Michelle's house way in the back (the tall weeds are theirs!!! and she'll admit it).

Smoke from Terrace Mountain fire makes everything hazy. Tuktakamin Mountain to the south, Tuesday evening when I took these pictures.

And some pictures I stole from my brother Scott's Facebook page, from their recent summer vacation in the Alberta badlands.

Scott is the middle child; we have a younger brother Todd. Hey, Beth and Bryce, think you could still toss him over the back steps railing?

Scott and his smokin' hot first wife Pam, mother of his two sons.

The sons: Wynn (oldest, top) and Max.

So, y'all can stop nagging now. I occasionally do remember to recharge the battery for my antique digital camera and have updated all the drivers for the card reader.

The evening has flown by. Washed the 15lbs of blueberries I bought at the fruit stand on the way home (did I mention I REALLY like blueberries) and have them in shallow pans in the freezer, later to be bagged. Also 8 lbs of cherries (I like them, too) for snacking and sharing. And peaches, but not too many - waiting for the free stone varieties to come ripe.

I promised myself time going through manuscript notes; by the time I finished with the fruit, got some Gieze Mechanical business attended to, moved the water sprinklers (it's our day to water) and eventually grabbed some supper, well, it's now getting close to bedtime.

Have I mentioned lately that I miss my 4- 10 hr days?! This 5day work week cuts into my home time something terrible.

Oh, oh, oh, but I have good news to share before I call it a night. I have airplane tickets for a quick dash over the mountains to Calgary and a long overdue visit with my son and granddaughter!!!! Marlon and Krista are in Winnipeg for a few weeks, travelling home via Calgary. I fly out of Kelowna after work on the 20th, allowing me Friday and Saturday to see them and most especially Miss Abby. The kids drive on up to Grande Prairie on Sunday, which gives me time to visit my folks at Airdrie and whichever of my brothers are around. Then I fly back at 8am Monday morning, arriving 6 minutes before I leave (love that - it's a 54 minute flight that also jumps a time zone), going directly to work from the airport (30 minutes or less - the airport is on the north end of Kelowna).

There's an 80th birthday party (Bryan's mom) and oodles of other things to do before then, but you just know where my brain's at. And yes, lots of pictures.

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