Sunday, July 12, 2009

Groovin' ttttttto the Rhythm of the..... sprinkler?!

It's finally hot, hot, hot in the sunny southern interior. That means up early to water the trees before going to work, out late in the evening to turn off the sprinkler that's been running since suppertime. My baby plants need lots of care, especially little cedar trees.

Bryan sussed out the location of a hummingbird nest directly in front of the house, lowest branch on the fir tree (still 3m or so off the ground). We can't actually see the nest but there's no doubt it's there.

My mom is out for a week from Airdrie. I picked her up Wednesday evening at Kelowna Airport. She was anxious to see the hummers but I told her to be patient, just sit still and watch. Sure enough, I could almost feel her vibrating with excitement when she came into the house half an hour later, after not only seeing them at the feeder but also our two resident males having one of their regular territorial skirmishes.

The garden is coming along nicely: little green tomatoes on the vine, yellow beans and potatoes flowering, onions bulbing up, herbs already in their second growth after I wacked them back ("Oh no! Not the scissors! AAAAHHHHH!), and a wild variety of lettuces to grace our salads.

I've taken to spinning on the front deck on quiet Sunday afternoons when they occur. Currently working on an Arcott fleece I bought from Jody up at Valleyview before I moved. The neighbours directly below us had company two Sundays ago, arrived while I was working outside. They were shown around the yard, and then the visitors kept looking up towards our house. I thought maybe they were looking at the flag up in the quarry, and perhaps they were at first. And then the woman of the group kept looking and I realized she was trying to figure out what I was doing. That's me - oddity on the neighbourhood tour.

Last weekend, spinning was definitely not on the agenda. After the proverbial week from hell (not just for me; seems like the entire office was in stupid mode) and the return to hot clear weather, we hit the road.

Friday night we went to Lorenzo's Cafe directly from my office, to watch Shane Phillips (instrumentalist extraodinaire) and a lovely nighttime ride home ... complete with a kamikaze whitetail doe that tried to take Bryan out.

Mid morning Saturday (after watering was done of course) we took the long way to Revelstoke via Nakusp (the really long way around is via Invermere!). We went through Vernon and east on Hwy 6 through Lumby and Cherryville; across on the Facquiere cable ferry and a stop for beer and snackies; north past Nakusp and across Arrow Lake on the Galena Bay ferry (the only rain of the entire day) and the final sprint to Revelstoke. 320km that way.

Spent the night with Bryan's mom and left late in the morning - in time to face all the weekend cottagers heading back to Alberta (the Emptying of Mara) up to Salmon Arm and back to Falkland on the Salmon River Road. 155km that way.

Total km travelled including the Friday night trip to Lorenzo's - 600km.

Bryan's calling me. He's packing up the Triumph to take north, heading out on Tuesday. He, John and Gerald will be back next weekend, on their way to Oregon and the Pacific Coast Highway. I'm buying tickets for the NASCAR 300 - already have mine and Bryans but now need a pair for the guys. So they'd best be here by Saturday night!!

And then, when that ride is over, he'll be back up north for another month or so.

Have an offer on the house we will probably accept. That's good news.

Kids are all doing great. Need to grab a cheap flight up to GP to see wee Abby......

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