Thursday, July 23, 2009

"But I Don't Smoke!"

The Terrace Mountain fire has left its mark even on Falkland. My car was covered in ash this morning. Vernon, of course, is buried in the stuff. And I was told the night sky was quite spectacular (couldn't see from our place as the wind had blown the smoke cloud over us, blocking out the sky).

I'm recovering from a severely sprained set of fingers on my left hand. Is somewhat detrimental to my typing skills. Today I'm attempting to get through the day without taping them but I'm thinking by afternoon, they'll need the support.

Never fear, my dear friends and family near and far, far away. I am fine, alive and almost healthy.

Bryan and two buddies are on their way back north from a bike trip down the Pacific coast highway. He called from Seattle this morning to say they could be in Falkland tonight. But he's right back up to Valleyview again. That would leave me, as friend Joyce puts it, in 'widow practice' again.


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