Sunday, June 14, 2009

Watching the Storm Clouds Build

Literally, not figuratively.

The high temperatures recently combined with moisture coming over the mountains have made for an unsettled weekend weather-wise. I came home Friday night through a series of slam storms - one minute dry, around the corner and SLAM, rain so heavy the wipers couldn't keep up.

Got in some riding Saturday. To Kamloops up Highway 97, destination Rivercity Cycle to pick up Guzzi parts for Bryan. Took the long way home along the TransCanada Highway, stopping in Sorrento for lunch and then a detour to Carlin Crossing Water Gardens, halfway between Sorrento and Salmon Arm. It's a nursery/greenhouse that specializes in ponds and water features. Oh, the inspiration! Oh the temptation!! Oh, the budget-destroyers!!!

Advantage of travelling on a motorcycle: limited cargo capacity. Disadvantage of travelling on a motorcycle: ditto.

I did my recycling today, which necessitated a trip to Vernon. It was long overdue, though. The bins were full to overflowing - been a few months since I did this task. I suppose it's a testiment to our attention to these things that means I don't have to do the run more often but it eventually does have to be done. Loitered on the way home, stopping at 'wishing' places along the way ("Wish I had time to stop there.") Found a bamboo spout/water pump assembly for a reasonable cost and built a water feature on the veranda using one of my large ceramic crocks. There - temptation temporarily tamed.

It's also a small reward for a success at work. I've been reassigned within the composition department, bringing me back up to a 40 hr week (Yah!) over a five day work week (sigh), hours 8:30 - 5 (small hurray - time for waking up, time for breakfast, better opportunity for motorcycling to work).

The pros outweigh the cons and so I'll stop snivelling about the loss of my three day weekends, spoilt child that I am.

Biggest loss is the opportunity to grab a five-day holiday from the upcoming July 1 stat and running up north to see the kids. That is a profound disappointment. The August long weekend is no consolation because Marlon and Krista are heading out to Winnipeg 1st August.

My primary work is now production for a small weekly that Black Press owns (full spectrum work, from ad design to pagination) and pagination for our tri-weekly regional paper, The Morning Star. No more graphic design for real estate, but still doing ads for one of the sales people and helping the others with their overflow.

Bryan called tonight. Looks like he'll be coming home next weekend; he's caught up with jobs there and wants to get ready for a ride with Gerald down the Coast Highway through Oregon and northern California. BIG sigh - I've wanted to do that trip for years. That and one day getting to the Queen Charlotte Islands. Those two destinations have been delayed for 25 years and I'm beginning to think I'll never get to either.

I have to remember Bryan is the semi-retired one. I'm still the working grunt.

This working for a living certainly interferes with life, doesn't it?

On the positive side (balance in all things, remember), my infant perennial plants are already giving me joy. Blooming at the moment: irises (both Siberian and bearded) columbine, meadow rue, lupin, Persian yellow rose, soapwort and lavender, snapdragon, diathus, trollius, and verbena. Astilbe is coming along nicely as is mugwort, hosta, heather, knautia and many others. The wigelia I'd given up on jumped to life and to flower almost simultaneously. The walnut trees are slowly but surely leafing out.

The quail are claiming our yard as their own. One audacious male flies up onto the wood birdfeeders to scout the territory, keeping his hen safe. Chicks must soon be on their way - I'm surprised not to see any before now.

Clouds of voracious mosquitoes and clouds of rain are both gathered outside. Life-giving rain. You can take the girl off the farm, but you can never take the farm out of the girl.

Happy week to you all.

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