Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

Quick note while I'm on-line. Was looking at air fares to Grande Prairie for a weekend visit with the kidlets and a ride home with Bryan. Then he tells me he might be done up there before the end of the month. Planning anything in my life....phut.

Drenched myself in bug dope and been weeding the herb garden out back. After the torrential rain of two nights ago, the ground is soft and weeds are coming up intact, mostly. Pulled up the four small fir trees that didn't survive transplanting. Contemplating replacement - another try at firs or perhaps the pink spirea I bought at the Art Knapp plant sale? Oh come on, I know I said no more plant purchases, but 2 for $14 when they're regularly $12.99 each?!!

When I (a) find my camera and (b) find the battery charger for it, and (c) hopefully get the card reader to work on this computer (my last attempt ended in an evening's worth of fun updating all my drivers) I will post picks of the garden, in answer to popular request (OK, just Beth, but the rest of you will look at them, too). Ever a work in progress, I'm still quite proud of how it looks today compared to this time a year ago (barren wasteland of rocks and straggly weeds).

The new work assignment is going well, once I settled into a routine. My batteries were pretty low by mid-afternoon Friday, though, so have been using my solar charger all day today. Just finished my coffee - took a break because, after all, it is Saturday - and am back out to see what new trouble I can get into.

Can you tell I'm studiously avoiding the pile of accounting covering most of the desk over yonder?

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