Sunday, June 28, 2009

Road Trip through Paxton Valley

On Saturday, I packed a small picnic lunch, dug out my old digital camera (verging on the brink of antique, as photo quality here testifies to) and went on a backcountry road trip. This time I hunted up the Paxton Valley Road, one that traverses the land north of Estekwalan Mountain from Monte Lake to the Chase Falkland Road.

I met the PV road midway by travelling up Six Mile Creek Road. The following are some of the photos I took along the way, before the camera died on me (should have charged the battery a bit longer!).

Finding the Paxton Valley Road where it joins Six Mile Creek Road. I turned west (left) towards Monte Lake.

Looking south towards the north face of Estekwalan Mtn. The hazy sky is due to a forest fire away to the northwest.

It's not exactly a high-speed road but I was meandering anyway. This is one of the better pieces of road.

The road would pass through heavy bush, break into open cleared pasture land or natural open places, and then plunge back into the bush. Lots of dead pine, victims of mountain pine beetle, like the reddish brown ones on the left side of the road ahead.

There aren't many residences along the way, although much of it is pasture land. There are still working corrals where I found the remains of this homestead log house.

First, looking southeast over the open land towards the northwest face of Estekwalan, the house remains in the foreground.

Below the house, looking north.

The corrals to the left of where I was taking pictures of the log house, looking west down the valley.

Attempting to get artistic with a camera, framing the mountain behind through the window. If I tweak it with my photo program, it might work. Hmm.

Looking back east at the far end of Paxton Valley. The hazy sky means no shadows, no sense of direction, rather disconcerting.

From here, the road goes back into the bush for a ways until travelling through Crater Lake Ranch land, then a steep 13% drop coming out alongside the Monte Lake store on Highway 97.

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  1. I like the pic with the mountain through the window. That would be a good one to blow up, me thinks.