Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just Being at Home

That's a rare-enough occurrence these days: me, at home, not going anywhere other than down to the local store for a jug of milk.

Home-time was badly needed. My work schedule has been shifted from four (or three lately) 10 hour days to a regular Joe schedule of five 8 hour days. And so nothing seems to get done at home! or at least in the house.

I come home, trade in civvies for gardening togs and am outside until it's dark. Being inside all day at work makes me squirrelly. I was gone all last weekend, running a training session for a small local newspaper in the morning, then a ride out to Revelstoke to visit Bryan's mom.

So yesterday was 'get my life under control' day. Laundry. Laundry. Dishes. Cleaning. Visit a neighbour (yes, that is very important). Vote (for a new mosquito control program bylaw - I voted no, despite hating skeeters, for many good reasons). And still managed to get in some garden time.

Bryan's still up north. Sounds like for several more weeks. Talked to him on the phone one evening and he said there was lots of work coming along. Hoped to get the power hooked up from the transformer to the house at the place we're selling. Fixed the garden door deck, damaged by heavy snow over the winter with no one to clear it off and reduce the weight.

I've got another two weeks of adjusted schedule coming up - covering designers off on vacation or seconded to the plate room. Friday was moving day - the entire sales/design floor was stirred up in a new layout. All the designers are now at one end, all the sales people to the other. I was genuinely afraid of at least one blow-up but was relieved none occurred.

In fact, there was a great deal of laughter, and several aloud comments of "So THAT'S where that thing went" or "I forgot I had that" as drawers were emptied, desks moved and dirty dusty corners revealed. A lot of junk piled up in corners was removed (and what a relief for those of us who hate that) and neglected items dealt with.

The area now has a more open, clean feel, "lots of dancing room" was one observation.

Anyway, I mention work only because it impacts my plans for the rest of my so-called life. If Bryan is in Valleyview all of June, I'd like to get up to visit him. Also desperately want to see the kids and wee Abby.

My mom is planning a visit at the end of the month, flying out from Calgary to Kelowna. Then 1st of July (Canada Day, statutory holiday) is on a Wednesday, so if I'm back to my regular cutback schedule, I could leave that day to drive north and come back on Sunday.

There's a woman in Valleyview interested in buying my bike, and if she does then the working plan is to ride the bike up and then return either with Bryan or by plane. All very loosey-goosey. Typical.

Dark clouds are building outside. Perhaps we'll get some badly needed rain. We had temps in the 32C to 36C all last week, and that baked an already very dry land. BC already has several bad wildfires. Alberta, on the other hand, has had abnormally cold weather (I heard there was snow in Red Deer Thursday!) so I won't complain.

The yard is coming along nicely. Lilacs are blooming, as are iris, columbine and meadow rue. The lilies are budding and several others filling out wonderfully. The few annuals I put in to fill the spaces (pansies, stocks and snapdragons) are added early colour.

I haven't bought any plants for weeks now. I know! And it's true. There's a temptation to overplant perennials and I know full well that they'll fill in soon enough, with time and patience.

The big job now is weeding, and that's always an especially hard task in a new garden (remember, this is my third garden built from scratch). Not only do existing weeds need to be removed but the seedbank in the soil also needs to run its course. There are some very nasty and persistent thistles in this area, an aggressive clover-looking plant that quickly strangles everything else in its area and one of my personal hates - goat's beard - all to be eradicated.

One of my college botany instructors said that a weed is simply a plant out of place. I don't want those plants in this place, and they stubbornly refuse to comply with their eviction orders.

Will keep you posted on the battle.

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