Monday, May 18, 2009

Rodeo Time!

No time for detailed writing. Just a quick "Hi!" to say the kings of Pro Rodeo are in town and we're all having a grand time. I'm working in the beer garden. My arthritic knuckles are not liking the five hours they get repeatedly dunked into ice water to retrieve frosty malt beverage containers. Still, there are moments of pure silliness. One of the other ladies and I two-stepping behind the bar comes to mind - and we're not allowed to drink back there!

It's a few hours before my shift today. I'm watching the birds at the feeders. A lovely bright yellow goldfinch sat on the lowest branch of the fir tree and watched me for awhile - so birds people-watch? And the evening grosbeaks who put up such a racket every morning now have their bellies full and are somewhat more calm. What are they saying to each other, so loud and continually? It sounds like - why, it sounds like drunk buckle bunnies at a rodeo beer garden!!

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