Thursday, April 2, 2009

OH NO - Girl Guide Cookies!!

Yes, the office is once again under GGC assault, and it's a no-holds-barred campaign on the part of the office daddy whose family females prevail upon him to flog their goods.

Contrary to most people, I prefer the mint wafers to the sandwich cookies now making the rounds.

I know, I know - it's their primary fundraiser. As a former long-term Cub and Scout leader obligated to sell popcorn for similar reasons, I understand the thing from both sides. I hated selling the stuff, I hate buying it. Still, it's morally superior to working casinos (at least in Alberta) no matter how lucrative that is.

But back to the cookies.

Before Christmas (run of the mint & chocolate wafer variety) I bought several boxes and then self-righteously gave them to neighbours as gives. Then went to said neighbours for tea and ate the cookies I gave them.

If it's charity, both in the buying and the giving, it should be calorie-free, right? Alas, no.

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Story of my life.

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