Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Car, She Will be Beautiful

Good news from the automotive front. The president of the bird-brained group beside the newspaper office arrived at said office Thursday afternoon, signed document in hand. Yes indeed! The Eagles will pay to have a professional auto detailer designated by us, the victims, clean the nasty paint off our cars at their expense. That calls for a beer! Debbie called with the good news later that day.

Bryan and I took his 'treasure' to the garage sale and done good. The Seniors' Club takes a 20% commission rather than charge a table fee, and they do all the selling work. We just had to take our 'treasure' there and pick up the unsold items. 'Treasure' is my euphemism for 'junk' (or the other nasty word that I shall not use in public). 'Course we all know the saying about one man's junk and another's treasure; hence 'treasure' and a long-standing in joke about an acquaintance up north, but I digress. (Fay and Roland, think 'Adolph')

Mom Giesbrecht and Terry were here for an overnight visit. She was to see the eye specialist in Vernon regarding her upcoming cataract surgery. Always nice to have them here.

Following their departure this morning, we took the bikes on a short ride to Kelowna. Bryan thought the Ducati demo rides were today but he was somehow misinformed. I'm thinking I still leaning more towards the new Suzuki SVF650 'Gladius', their redesigned SV 650 that is very similar to a Ducati 696 Monster. Bryan calls it a total chick bike. Well, I'm a chick, or at least a ruffled old hen. I think he just wishes he could ride it but the frame is too small for him.

So next weekend the Suzuki dealer in Kamloops has their demo ride day, and are bringing in at least one -(hopefully two) Gladiuses - Gladii? for riders to try. The red/white beauty to the left is what they have at Kamloops. The Duc below is what I threw a leg over today.

Whadda ya think?

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