Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick Sunday Review

Watched the Brier tonght at the pub - glad Kevin Martin's rink won but wish Manitoba had been able to give them more of a challenge.

Didn't win the Falkland Brier but played perhaps my best personal game and had a great time.

Went to Lorenzo's Cafe (east of Enderby on the Mabel Lake Road in beautiful downtown Ashton Creek) Thursday night to listen to Carlos del Junco, best harmonica player in Canada, and his awesome backup band. So glad Bryan said "Let's go!"

Attended George's Celebration of Life ceremony Thursday afternoon. Glad I did, he had a tremendous impact on a lot of people. Met with Valerie and we plan to plug on with KVP, to at least get the on-going projects done, give her time to evaluate her options.

Attended a baroque concert at the Vernon Public Library at noon one day, presented by a quartet that includes my violin teacher. Good stuff, even though the gallery staff had a not-so-wee hissy fit when they found out it was a brown-bag lunch concert. We didn't leave any crumbs, honest.

Listening to the lovesick owl who's been hooting in the fir trees behind the house all week every night. Seeing more and more equally lovesick pheasant cocks along the hedges and roadsides, playing in traffic whilst looking for lady pheasants. And the Quail Gang has picked up the pace around here, lots of coo-COO-coo-ing from the boys.

Got the account books for Bryan's business DONE FOR YEAR-END. Do I hear an Hallellujah from the congregation? He's heading up north later this week, get some jobs done up there and (I'm so jealous) getting in some grandpa time with wee Abigail.

Good book read this week: Wind... oh heck, what is it? Wind-something by Nick Bantock. The book's on my desk at work so I can't even cheat and go look it up.

Good movie watched this week: Stardust, featuring Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert DeNiro; also Flawless, featuring Michael Caine and Demi Moore.

Good reciped tried this week: new chicken recipe with tomato, lemon and couscous from (I'm so embarrassed to admit this) the January 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Frustration of the week: Only One? Well, being unable to setup the CS4 program that I spent a lot of money buying and a LOT of time downloading last week. Where's a technogieck when you need one (spelling is intention, not incorrect) - oh, that would be me. Damn.

Have been meaning to write a more meaningful (coherent) blog and sooner than tonight, but it's been a full week - not entirely of my doing but occupying all of my life, afraid to say.

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