Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Abby pics

Poor kid! When she gets older and learns how often her Grandma sent her little mugs shots out into the world, she's gonna be ticked! But she is so darned cute and she's ours. Thanks again to Chad with his cell phone camera expertise.

I'm expecting Grandpa photos .... or else.

Bryan's up north for a week or several weeks, depending on his health. Good days now outnumber bad days, but the bad are still nasty. And he reports it is spring in the north, which means overnight temps still down to -20s.

Spring has been officially declared here with a robin's song. More accurately, the song of hundreds of robins. The herd has descended, on route to the north country. Some, of course, will hang around but many more will nest up in mosquito country.

It's been nose-to-the-grindstone for me this week with my work partner Deb away on vacation time. She announced her intention to use the time to spring-clean her house. Not everyone's idea of a vacation but to each their own. Early away in the morning, late to home at night; a light supper (with nobody to cook!) and violin practice (I am improving by leaps and bounds), then to bed with a book. With curling season wrapped up, it's easy to become a hermit during the week.

My laptop needs some tech time. The latest Creative Suite upgrade that I downloaded needs all kinds of operating power so I'm going to put 2GB of RAM on here. How easily I say (write) that, and yet I can remember a time when the computers I worked on had no internal hard drive and a Dynabyte 64 was cutting edge stuff. Remember using two floppy's? 1 program disk and one operating disk. And a modem was a handset receiver for the telephone handpiece when you dialed up the phone number. The wunderkind who works beside me looks at me like I'm a museum piece if I talk that way. Yikes.

Young friend Marie Odette asked for people who use Skype, something about practicing for a job interview... hmm, networkings has a whole new edge to it. I have downloaded Skype but need like-minded, like-equipped wannabe correspondents. It's a way to talk on-line. If your computer has camera and sound capability and you're on high speed, go get the free download and then contact me! Hey Tannis, maybe you can get me up to speed on this thing.

Have been roasting vegetables for tomorrow's supper - see, lack of a personal chef has driven me to planning in advance again. Got some baby beets at the grocery store and threw them in the oven with other root veggies. Everything is now cooling off, and tomorrow will be a bountiful meal, a little celebration for completion of the week's work.

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