Saturday, March 21, 2009

First day after the First Day of Spring

Spring is definitely sprung today. Yesterday, although a warm one, was overcast and gloomy. Not a cheerful harbinger of the new season. This morning the sun is shining bright and - well, not clear because my windows are shamefully dirty on the outside - but there is sunshine on the floor, warming the house literally and emotionally.

The snow is disappearing at a rapid pace. Hurrah! Can't go fast enough for most of us. From coast to coast, from north to south, everyone in our acquaintance that I've been in contact with has echoed the same sentiment. Even the 'elite snowmobile athletes', to steal a phrase from Karen, are ready for a new sport.

Not much exciting lately. Been full steady days at work - thank goodness I have a temporary house husband who loves to cook because I come home not interested in anything much more than a glass of red wine and maybe a mindless movie. We don't have that ubiquitous sedative known as TV.

My partner Deb has next week off, so things will be 'interesting'. Certain demanding clients with illusions of superiority (not you, Tannis!! You're our favorite girl, and we kinda like your boys, too) will just have to wait their turn like everyone else.

Bryan's also making noises about heading up north for a few weeks. He's been feeling better in recent weeks, 2 good days to 1 bad day, opposite to how it's been since Christmas. At any rate, he needs to get the 2008 books up to our accountant in High Prairie pronto, or I'll send them up on the bus (oh, trusting Greyhound with our books. Eeee.)

Early morning phonecall from Rebecca about a highway tragedy last night that took the life of four young people. Only confirmed name is Brendon Birnie-Browne. There will be yet more yodelling about the delay in twinning Hwy 43 through Sturgeon Lake Reserve and none about the responsibility of driver's to take care and caution on all roads. The highways down here in the interior are almost all two-lane, with lots of twists and serious drop-offs - you just don't drive into a ditch or fenceline, you go into a rockface or down a vertical face 25m or more. No room for error, and the fatality rate is much lower. Drive for the conditions, folks.

The common note this week has been the muscle spasms in my back. Takes all the fun out of everything. The chiropractor says everything is lining up nicely in my spine and hips but I think the muscles are protesting the amount of adjustment taking place in a short amount of time; going to take a break from it for awhile, see if that helps.

Yesterday was a slow one, after not much restorative sleep all week. A tall glass of Kilkenny in the late afternoon was added relaxation. Can anyone tell me why there is a small plastic ball in a can of Kilkenny? What purpose does it serve?

I'm going to take my cup of coffee outside and enjoy it on the deck in the sunshine with my husband. Wish you were here with us!

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  1. the ball is supposed to stir up the stuff that settles to the bottom of the can. Guinness has it too.