Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ultimate Tailgate Party

Ice racing at Stake Lake.

I've been to many kinds of tailgate parties in my lifetime: meals in the field during fall harvest; mudbogs and tractor pulls; river parties; even a 'proper' tailgater at a football game. Yesterday was my ultimate tailgater, though. Bryan and I went to the ice races at Stake Lake for the afternoon.

It was the perfect day for such an event - bright sunny skies, -5C temps, slight breeze (although it picked up and we moved from the endgate to the cab during the afternoon). Should have thought to bring lawn chairs to set up in the truck box, or our recliner seats we use at the racetrack. No matter - we had good winter gear on and a wool blanket, a thermos of hot coffee and sun glorious sun on our faces. Rock 'n' roll music blasted over the loud speakers. Kids were tusseling in the snow, playing shinny hockey behind the line of spectators' trucks ringing the course. Babies peeked out from bunting bags. A 3/4 ton truck with a plow blade for a zamboni. Forget a hot asphalt parking lot outside some NFL stadium - this is how it should be. Dozens of people out on the ice having a great time.

I absolulely love ice racing. It's flat track with attitude. There was a good variety of classes at Stake Lake, from a youngest on a 80cc to the the ol' boys just happy to be playing out there. The young fellers riding pro stock were very competitive, very exciting. Four women had their own class and two were very, very good.

For my friends who love road trips, literally and virtually, you get to Stake Lake from Falkland by travelling up Hwy 97 to Kamloops, through the city onto Hwy 5 south; take exit 366 off the highway and follow the Lac Le Jeune Rd. Stake Lake is almost at the underpass to Logan Lake. There's a good set of crosscountry ski trails around the lake, many out on the trails while we were there.

Some of the Cheesecake Burlesque girls

And then because it was that kind of a day, we spent the evening at a completely different event, the Cheesecake Burlesque Revue. They're troupe of women from Victoria who love and maintain the grand old tradition of burlesque shows - not completely revealing but oh so naughty and absolutely hilarious vaudeville peep show material.

There were some people at the show who not only had never seen burlesque but had no idea what they were in for. I don't know that anyone left, but the two women to my left had prune faces throughout most of the show, and expressed the opinion that the hooting and hollering was too loud and raucous. Excuse me! When a good looking woman is pulling off her black gloves with her teeth, proper appreciation is to be expressed. I thought of many rude things to say to them but refrained like the lady I am (oh stop snickering).

Daughter Rebecca is down for a visit. She was to have a quick flight from GP to Kamloops via Calgary. No such luck. Freezing rain made life difficult for the GP airport people. The first leg of Becca's trip was on the Calgary backhaul, but the incoming flight couldn't land on the perilous airstrip and had to return to Calgary! Westjet eventually put the GP passengers on a milk run flight: Edmonton- Calgary-Kelowna, that arrived 7:40pm. Becca's not anxious to get on a plane again after that frog-hop.

She and her dad are off to Armstrong for groceries. It will be good for them to have some time together this week while I'm at work. Bryan is getting along MUCH better these days, has gone two days without any pain meds at all. He's still in pain, but that's been a constant state of being for him for the past 35 years. When he takes medication to control him, I know it's excruciating.

I started treatments with Bryan's chiropractor to hopefully alleviate my restless leg syndrome. TAKE NOTE ALL MCKINNON's!! Those not of the clan may be interested to know that dozens of us all suffer from RLS, going back to our Great Grandma Sarah; she's the one who called it the 'Scrannies' when none of us knew it had a label. Think it's a modern made-up condition? I think not. Just ask any spouse of a McKinnon (or Whitney, as Sarah was), who's most likely had to endure a bed partner who kicks and twitches all night.

Anyway, Dr. Kinakin says that spine adjustment will cure it. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Brenda, thank you for your comments! We are so happy you enjoyed the show. We had an amazing time - the theatre is lovely the audience in Vernon was so appreciative! It was such a treat to perform there!

    Champagne Sparkles