Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick Update in a Busy Week

I had the most wonderful birthday! Right from 7am when I arrived at work to a desk fully decorated with helium balloons and streamers (even the computer monitor was ablaze with a bright Happy Birthday background - thanks, Moanna!) to a party at the house filled with good wine, good food, good friends and laughter.

The house was filled with flowers and balloons – kinda hard to tell if it was a birthday or a funeral. KIDDING. Bryan made baked salmon for supper. His mom Vi made cheesecake with blueberries. All nummy.

And Phyllis got me a new bass fishing rod! PINK! with lights on the spinner that blink when you work it!! Don't let the bling fool you – it is a very nice, very serious rod and we have a date with some fish down in Osoyoos Lake this summer. Osoyoos – where women are women and bass are scared. Yah.

Earrings from Bryan, ruby glass from Vi, salad spinner from Terry, mosquito zapper 'racquet' from Gary (for use in the bass boat, which we don't have.... yet). It was also Gary's birthday, and Eddie Shack's (if you aren't a Canadian, do a Wikipedia search; famous hockey player), so we hoisted a few for them as well.

My refrain for the balance of evening was, however, “No thank you, no more wine. I have to work tomorrow.” And I was a responsible girl because the morning does arrive far to soon on the mornings-after-the-night-before.

Back-pedalling a bit: Becca flew back north on Tuesday. She phoned to say it was a good trip. Went Air Canada this time, who use small planes for their northern runs than the larger craft that WestJet, and so the ascent/descents aren't so hard. Sure was nice to have her with us for the 10 days or so. We did a shopping/sightseeing day in Vernon on Friday including girl time in LaSenza (again, non-Canucks do your own on-line searching!). She and Dad travelled a ways on the Pinaus Lake road: “OMG, mom! You drove that?! It's nuts.” They only went a short way, to the pass but not around Tuk Mtn.

Becca came to watch my games in the Tuff Spiel. I was eliminated in my third game but what a lot of fun. Made some very good shots, even if I do say so myself. Of course, it didn't do much good for our regular game Tuesday night, when it seemed everything I learned about that ice became null and void. It was easy to tell who the spielers had been; they were the ones moving slow and cautiously down into the hack, all achy and creaky!

I've had many ideas and thoughts travel through my head these past few days but no opportunity to get them down on paper, never mind the computer. Tomorrow Brian and Cheryl are due in from Airdrie, to spend the weekend with us (Monday is a holiday in Alberta). I'm really looking forward to it. I do, however, need to find time to get year-end account books done and give the house more than a lick-&-wipe cleaning. There's deep need to get some writing done. And there's a bag of lovely new brocade fabric in the closet singing its siren song.

Things look to be slowing down in the coming weeks.

Bryan is still struggling with back pain. His good days are OK, his bad days very bad. This recovery has taken so much longer than any other he's endured; for the first time in forever, he's struggling with depression, thinking that perhaps he will not ever get fully healed. It isn't so much the damage to his back from the falls last December as a major flare-up of his A.S. I hope he'll be able to ride his bikes come spring – if he can't ride a motorcycle, all the fun will go out of his life.

He and Becca got the sauna cabinet fully assembled downstairs while she was here. Just need to get the electrician over to wire it. That will give him some relief and assist in the healing.

I would love to post new photos of wee Abigail but her daddy hasn't sent any to me!!! If you are anywhere close to Grande Prairie, take some photos, then smack Marlon on the side of the head for me. Errrg. Kids. Looking at the calendar, thinking I can sneak up for a few days in April.


  1. Belated birthday greetings!

    My Hubby used to live near the Shack family and it seems his old home town generated many a NHL'er.

    You'll have to show us a picture of this new fishing rod!

  2. A couple of days late but Happy Birthday nonetheless.