Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Abby and Stomping Spiders

OK, those two topics have nothing in common, except they've both been in my week and I wanted to post latest photos of Abigail. All together now - "Awwww!" She IS cute, isn't she. Taken by my boy Chad last Saturday, at 7 weeks of age (Abigail, not Chad).

Abby's mom and dad, auntie and uncle all went to the movies for Valentine's Day. How romantic. They saw the new 'Friday the 13th' movie. Um, hum. Can't believe I gave birth to two of those people.

On to spiders. Which have been overrunning this house recently.

I'm not afraid of spiders. I'm annoyed by them. Yes, I know they have a role in creation. That does not include the kitchen ceiling. Lately they've been breeding and multiplying indiscriminately, are the size (but not the girth) of star anise, and have a propensity to make webs in the light fixture hanging over the kitchen table and in one of the hibiscus plants.

Brian and Cheryl were fit to be tied when I brought in the straw broom to sweep down the little beggars and then stomp them. Lest you be siding with the spiders, I'll tell you that they're pretty quick on the run once they hit the floor, so it's a fair fight. And they don't feel a thing when I get 'em.

I was reminded of Garfield, cuz we're both kinda fluffy and stomp spiders.

Been awhile since I've written. Been busy. Been silly. First weekend for a month without company in the house or curling events. I love my family and friends, I really do. But they all came at about the same time.

We have played a lot of old fashioned board games these past few weeks with our visitors, which we both really enjoy. It's one of the benefits of not having the television hooked up - you find other ways to entertain yourself. We've played crokinole (of course, if you know us), triominoes, Nerts (yeah, Team Valleyview!!) and Chinese checkers.

I am ready for spring and life outside in the garden again, though. Winter has been long and tiresome.

I have new favorite things.
  • My Roddy Hunter 'Pink Lady' fishing rod and reel with LED lights on the spinner. Isn't this the coolest thing ever?! Ready for the Babes and Big Bass Break-out this summer at Osoyoos!!

  • Cranberry glass vase that my mother-in-law found in Revelstoke. I buy her black amethyst, she buys me cranberry glass, and we're both happy.
  • Handlebar bell for my motorcycle. We were in Kamloops yesterday, and on one street a bicycle shop had retro cruiser bikes along the sideway. I rang the handlebar bell and it went 'ding dong'. !!! "How much for that bell on the bicycle?" $15. Sold. And now mounted on the handlebar of my Suzuki 800 motorcycle, right against the brake oil reservoir. "Ding-dong!" Bet it's the only motorcycle in BC (maybe in North America) sporting a bicycle bell.

We were looking for a violin case - mine is old and damaged. I figure we could score one at a second-hand shop but no such luck. We did go into a music shop on the North Shore and had a lovely visit with the proprietor. He didn't have a case in stock for a full size violin. Or at least, in the price range I was willing to pay.
He did have a lovely case worth more than my instrument! Was willing to make a very good deal on a new instrument, bow and case, even tuned up the violin and rosined the bow for me. I played my few songs on it and even Bryan was impressed - with both the instrument and my playing. "Sounds even better on a good violin." Yep, I know. That's why I used to spend a lot of money on my pianos.

There is a fellow from Chilliwack coming for his regular visit to the Vernon Community Music School this week, to do repair and maintenance on string instruments. I'm booked to take my violin to him on Thursday; the bridge is in desperate need of replacement and the strings should also be changed up. I'll ask him if it's worth the investment - he also sells instruments so maybe has a deal for me. It was so nice to play a good violin, the temptation was very great. I have intentions of also one day learning to play cello, so best to exercise some restraint. The violin is so portable, though (unlike pianos and cellos).

New favorite places.
  • Talkin' Donkey - for the fine selection of quality used books as much as for the coffee
  • The Cracked Pot - for execellent lunch items and their lovely table linens for sale in the boutique side of the shop
  • Illustrator Brushes website - where I spent a lot of time last week digging up new brush designs, graphic tutorials, and swapped some cool design techniques with young Wesley at work.
Thank you to everyone who sent birthday greetings. It was a very nice party, a very nice week. I'm not sure about the notoriety that comes with a desk in an open-office setting liberally festooned with helium balloons and gaudy '50th' streamers.

Updates from previous items:

Bryan is still fighting back problems. The chiropractor/massage therapist routine is slowly but surely getting him back into operational condition. In fact he has days when he thinks that he'll be able to make a trip back up north and get some jobs in. Two steps forward, one step back.

He needs to go to Valleyview come break-up anyway, to hook up the powerline that was installed (finally) last month,; decommission the gen-sets, sell them and the shack they're housed in; other sundry and related tasks.

The sauna cabinet is all put together, with thanks to Becca for assisting her dad on this and other projects around the house. Still not operational, however, because Bryan needs to trade in the heater we brought from up north for a smaller model. Two steps forward, one step back.

Appropos nothing other than I think this is screamingly funny, I leave you on this note:


  1. It's cool to see others that know about Nerts. You should definitely check out , the site for the National Nertz Association. There is a bunch of interesting Nertz information, videos, and photos there AND you can play Nertz on-line for free. I recommend it to all Nertz players! So cool. =)

  2. OMG- there's a Nertz Association??!!! and others know this game??!! That is so totally cool. How did you find my blog?