Friday, January 16, 2009

Making Travel Plans

What a lot of work I did this afternoon! And all via Internet from my kitchen table. Bryan and I explored all our options for a planning trip to Germany in September. It's our 25th anniversary on the 21st. We'll be there 05 to 19, celebrating Bryan's 61st birthday (hopefully) with 'daughter' Claudia and her small family.

Finally, finally found a highly recommended and afforable B&B in Berlin, a place called Friede's B&B Beate Richter. It's within reason distance of Claudia and Christian's place - at least where they are living now. And it's a do-able distance for a quick trip up to Denmark to see Christian and Tove (a different Chris).

Now all I have to do is book airline tickets and we're set. I'm tired and excited all at the same time. "Another glass of wine, waiter." Damn, he's listening to an audio book. Guess I'll have to serve myself.

Bryan had another massage treatment today. The physio won't touch him until they get the latest CT scans and X-rays. The workouts seem to give him some relief. Thank goodness.

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  1. Can't wait to hear more about your travel plans, I love to live vicariously...