Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Gettin' By With A Little Help From My Friends"

Today there was an interesting weaving (sorry, Lynnette! bad pun) of old and new friends and some in between (no longer new but not yet old).

Spoke to Cheryl and Brian from Airdrie this morning. Cheryl and I have know each other for about five million years, I think we were two years old when her parents moved to our town. Caught up on things and made plans for a visit on their part to these parts next month.

Then Bryan and I went on a journey to deepest, darkest Coldstream this afternoon to finally meet blogfriend Lynnette and her husband and daughter in person for the first time. What a delightful time! Finding items of mutual interest and connect. Husband Mike is a Napier, NZ boy; I've had a few visits there to spend time with dear friends Buddy and Pieta McGregor. Small world - I'm destined to have my life filled with Kiwis!

On our way to Coldstream, Bryan's cellphone rang - a call from Yukon Andy in Whitehorse, housebound and bored, calling friends to pass the day. Andy had a serious dirt bike accident two years ago (? something like that) that broke his back; doctors said he'd never walk again, and today he was talking about two gunga-din dogsledding women who were going to help him pull traps on his trapline in a few days. Never say never. Bryan and Andy go back 30 years or more.

And this evening, neighbour Kelly was by for some wine and a chinwag, catch up on news as she and the kids were away for the holidays. Our acquaintance is now 8months or so old, and a comfort zone is well established.

An interesting link through our lives, from 48 years ago to newborn today. And tonight, quickly checking my world on-line, emails from friends in the north country. When I doubt myself, when my belief in myself is at low ebb, I'm reminded that these folk think enough of me to keep in touch and be part of my life, including me in theirs. It grounds me and reminds me that I do have value and worth. We all need that validation from time to time.

Thanks, guys!

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