Friday, January 9, 2009

Curling for Fitness and Fun

Man, doesn't that read like a promo for a 'Further Ed' course? It's actually what I do in Falkland in the winter on Tuesday &/or Thursday evenings.

It's been a long time since I curled in any serious way. The last time I was in a league, we were still using straw brooms. The new style brooms are much cleaner and easier to use, but they aren't as handy to saw short at the end of the season to use in broomball on the sloppy ice when the outdoor rink melted at the end of winter (who does that anymore?).

I have a great team in the local mixed league: Carrie, Fay and Mike. I play lead - that's the 'exercise' part of the program, sweeping doncha know! Carrie is a good skip, a good curler. Fay, Mike and I share our moments of glory and shame; all in all, we're doing ok and having a lot of fun.

The league is a dog's breakfast of age and talent: teenagers to 'oh my god how did I get this old?!'; experienced and novice and those of us just a bit rusty.

The recent snow removal project was beneficial to my sports career such as it is. I wasn't achy at all today, other than my elbows (can someone please explain that?), which is good considering the long break between games after Christmas. I had enough good draws to prompt Carrie to ask if I was signing up for the Tuff Spiel on 07-06 February. Tuff Spiel is a one-team event - basically you throw without the aid of sweepers, curling's equivalent of one-on-one basketball. Have to think about that. How badly do I want to embarass myself in public? Hmm. Like that's ever stopped me.The World Junior tournament is being held in Salmon Arm the first week of February. Maybe this is Fate's way of compensation me for missing the Women's Worlds in Vernon last winter. Definitely going to make the effort to take in some games there. Tuf Spiel notwithstanding.

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